Be careful what you wish for!


“Be careful what you wish for” is an well-known phrase in my country. Somehow the circumstances here led this to be true. I so wished for our goats to be pregnant and well.. they are!
At least most of them.

The past week Ayumi seemed to develop a little bit of an udder (Checked again four days later and it seems to have grown).
If this is really what’s happening we should be about 6 weeks off the due date. This is not ideal because it would be right around the coldest time of year. Our weather has been increasingly unpredictable so it can be anywhere between -21C to +11C, you might see sun, rain, hail and snow in one day but most likely it will be very cold and windy.
It is not the time to have babies.
(being Ayumi’s kids I do expect them to have a thick coat. Oh in case anyone worries, the barn is warm and dry and kidding supplies are ready).

Kimi is likely pregnant too!
She hasn’t been back into heat and I’ve seen a slight change in behaviour. She is also starting to show the beginnings of a bump.
This is not favorable since she lost weight when she was ill, I am very worried about that and have been feeding her extra (separate from the other goats).
Katsu seems to confirm my findings.
Kimi is putting on weight again really nice, I hope it’s in time before the baby starts to take up all her energy.
We’ll be keeping a close eye on her.

Shizu is still a mystery, one more week till we know if she’s pregnant but so far I don’t think so. I haven’t noticed any change.
Even though she is not in heat right now Katsu only has eyes for her and kind of ditched the rest.
He is a great beacon of knowledge for me. It would be a bummer if Shizu isn’t pregnant but it is what it is.
We’ll try again next fall.

That’s all for the goat blog! No pictures today, we’re in the center of a storm and it’s horrible outside. The old windows are dancing in the wind…
I’ve been starting some seeds of slow growing plants (coffee for example) and been busy with taking cuttings.
Next time we’ll take a look at what’s growing indoors.

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