Lots of little projects coming up!


Yesterday my husband and I walked our property on a whim.
Just looking what’s flowering in the pasture, how our trees are doing etc.
A bit of a stroll.

Our place isn’t very big and yet we have managed to find a spot we don’t really use. One of those places you easily overlook and in this case there are some restrictions on this particular spot (old laws which are actually outdated, it’s too complicated to explain.. summary would be we cannot put any permanent things on it)
It hit me that it would be the perfect place for a new pig pen!
There is a hard surface underneath so It’s high and dry for the night/bad weather. It would be easy to make a lane to different areas on pasture (where the goats don’t go) as well.
It’s all about utilizing every available space.

As far as infrastructure goes we need to fence in part of the area and build a new shelter (the turkeys claimed the old pig shelter and are absolutely in love with it).
I was thinking about building a sled type thing with three sides on it.
Just makes it easier to move around.
A trial one will be build for the goats soon and see if it works like it should. I’ve already drawn out the plans and we’ve collected the wood so it’ll be coming soon.

Furthermore I want to make a new pig water bowl with a large storage tank. I’ll stick with thick rubber bowls and feeding pans because no goat, pig, chicken or cow has been able to damage it despite it being thrown around, stomped on, munched on and not a single piece have been bitten off.
Also they are very easy to rinse out and clean. (and for those with sensitive ears: it doesn’t make noise when animals step on it or fling it around unlike metal).

Anyway those pig projects need to be done before the next fall.
We are making everything Mangalica size and mobile.
I’m already excited!!

This weekend we are hauling free soil for our raised beds and also Katsu and Jiro are leaving the homestead then.

One of the last days they are all together.

It’s time for me to re-arrange the stalls so Ayumi has all the space to give birth (she is steadily developing an udder).
We have gotten the first set of eartags in the mail* (rant see below).
It feels like a big deal to soon see number 001 born on our place….
The first baby on this homestead in a lot of years.
It feels like this place is being restored to its former glory with all the life surrounding it.

Thanks guys, until next time!

  • We are obligated to have eartags. They have an unique animal life number and are also tied to your location, the vet uses it to prescribe medicine to a certain animal. It is also used in a situation as an outbrake of disease like bird flu, where masses of animals in a certrain radius are killed as a precautionary measure.
    Last year we were in a lockdown area, luckily we managed to keep our birds safe.
    Everything is tightly regulated. I am firmly opposed to these (in my view) ridiculous rules. I do understand where the concern is coming from but
    I just want to feed yoghurt to my chickens (illegal now)
    I Do not want to have to look at ugly tags (also illegal)
    and I don't want to build fort knox in order to be allowed to have cows (shelter in such a form is a must and cows hate it and don't want to be in it). Dang it laws!!
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That sounds like it makes it really hard to farm, it being so restrictive. They tried to pass tagging laws here in the US a while back and it was shot down. If you sell an animal out of state, it needs tags, but not on your own farm.

I'll be watching for the developing pig area posts. :))


In some ways it is, especially with medicine for cows. The problem is our country can't do much about it since the EU is mainly responsible. I'm very curious how this will change with our UK neighbours now going out of the EU. I would like leave the EU but chances of that happening in a small country like mine are almost zero. Despite massive protests by farmers going on lately, traffic jams on the highway by tractors unlike anything we've ever seen before.

  ·  작년

Tagging is dumb. Surely you should be allowed to tattoo ears?


No that is not allowed. Only tags, one must contain a microchip also and only a couple suppliers of tags that are approved by the government are allowed.

  ·  작년

Damn. Tags always rip out of ears