Moving homestead? What is important to you?


Those who follow our posts know that I occasionally lash out about things happening on our property. Our privacy seems to be decreasing in a rapid pace and we get tied down more and more in our everyday life.
This is the fourth year we live here and try to renovate our rundown house into a proper homestead.
It stings that all the effort we put in did not give us the result of being able to live here comfortably, there are factors a person just cannot change.

During the time we spend here we realise more and more that we are not really attached to a house, we are attached to our lifestyle.
Having mobile infrastructure for the animals makes it very easy to pack up and leave.
To be honest the desire to do just that has rapidly increased in the past few months (also why we haven’t been posting as much).

Our privacy, security and just simple things as basic rights doesn’t seem to mean anything to the people it should concern. Isn’t that new?
It lead us to exploring our options and that’s where we are at today.

At times like these you sit down with your spouse and talk:

  • How are we going to deal with this situation?

This renovation project is a long way from being finished so if we decide to sell it’ll be a tough sale.
Will the value have increased enough to go somewhere else? We don’t know.
We have searched for a couple places to see what is out there and the market is crazy right now. As with all things you can’t make any plans until you know where you’re at!
We’re meeting with a couple advisors tomorrow and get this place appraised. It’s value has been up and down so much I can’t even guess.

We do know what is important to us.
We know our privacy is the number one thing we’re looking for. This concerns the areas where we spend the most time.
Second is land, in full ownership, we can pretty much shape it the way we want. Land is scarce here and prices (very) high.
Third comes a driveway, this might sound silly but I’m done with people walking past my windows like they are stuck to the wall - Keep your distance man!!

We are not too picky about a house as long as it is less of a project than we have now. This is the second house we have stripped back to the bones, did roofing, wires, insulation and all that. We want the basics to be good this time.
Bonus features would be existing outbuildings, mature trees/wood and water.

We had our eyes set on a couple places but they sold in a couple days if not in a day.
That’s the market right now. Crazy!

At this point we’re just pretty tired of everything that’s going on.
We’ll see what life brings us next.

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