She is keeping me in the dark!


My oh my what a jolly girl that little Ayumi is. She is getting wider and wider! Still no heat detection from our buck and since the ultrasound machine didn’t work we are still in the dark.
I guess she is three months pregnant but I can’t know for sure.

Ayumi still tenses up quick so feeling her belly needs work. I’ve made the decision to reconfigure the stalls and switch who stays with who. Ayumi will be moved to the stall which has the milking stand attached to it. That way I can start training her in the stand daily and maybe get her more relaxed so I can feel her belly better.

But man… that goat! She is so tight I can’t feel the babies. Ofcourse I’m partly to blame cause the last time I’ve felt for babies on a goat is a while ago. But that goat.. I betcha it’s a false pregnancy just to toy with me.
If any goat would fake one then it’ll be her!


I’m feeling the udder too. It will be her first kids so if the udder starts developing it is a clear sign she will have kids in 4-6 weeks, that way I at least have some sort of understanding how far along she is (and even then it can be fake). No development yet though but it is a sign to watch for.

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