The last of the raised beds


We had a brief period of mild weather so it was time to finish the last of the raised beds.
We did the first two a while ago and all is made from free pallets!

Just like last time we pre-made the parts first

81711190_2552211871681937_5634275043925032960_n - Edited.jpg
Anyone else feeling ikea-ish?

After assembling I have to say it looks good!
I need to put some fresh woodchips around them, put up the second trellis and we're good to go!

81511946_509306663271160_5164863856098410496_n - Edited.jpg

We've also made some progress on the house but I'll save that for another time.
I'm also documenting the whole stairs making thing, part of that is being pre-made as we speak and it's all out of free wood again.
Stay tuned!

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