Welcome to the new year!


We have left the year 2019. That year was a balanced one in terms of positive and less positive events. We finished the bathroom (construction wise) and that was a huge boost! We started a new goat herd in January and I had to switch my mindset from cow-stuff to goat-stuff. We had to do some construction on the barn and build a milking stand/area.
Last fall we finished the barnwork by giving all the goats new feeders, we are now fully set to grow the herd and expand the cheese making operation.

There were some downsides too. Our breeding plans completely failed when our first buck didn’t do his job. We got a larger and older male and he seems to be bucky enough. Unfortunately my best doe got in heat again right before new years… I feel like crying. Kimi, one of the other does, got ill in december. She is recovering but lost a lot of weight so that one is not being bred. As far as our last doe goes, we are still in the dark if she’s pregnant or not. Would just be my luck if it turned out to be a fake pregnancy…

Anyway, we are done with the 2019 perils. Here comes 2020!
We are starting renovation work on the new bedroom TODAY! We need to insulate one wall, do the ceiling and floor, put electricity in (all new wiring) and the biggest job: move the stairs. The new one will be hand-made.

In summer we are constructing part of our perimeter fence. A job we have been wanting to do since we got here but simply did not have the money for. We can’t do everything yet but it will definitely up our sense of comfort, the next one that tries to trespass will find themself stuck with two dogs.. gehehe
(Jokes aside, some people have zero respect for another person's property.)

In between jobs we have to assemble the last two raised beds. We already made the parts so that part is done. I need to work on the asparagus bed as well and after three years we are finally expecting to harvest some for the first time here!
We also need to do something about the fruit trees, the wind is blowing the fruits off way before they ripen. I need to think about some type of barrier but one that does not damage the ditch next to it (we need to keep the ditch clean by law).
I would really like bamboo or sugarcane there but I really need to keep up with it spreading. I don’t mind some blowing over if it saves the fruit trees in their early years. Suggestions are most welcome.

We do not have plans for fall and winter yet mainly because we don’t know how fast the bedroom project will be going along. No pigs and no cows will save a lot of time this year although the year after we will get mangalica pigs again. Maybe even in december, depends on the breeder (ideally I want them in march-april).

So that’s about it folks, hope to see you next time and all the best in 2020!

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All the best for 2020, I hope it's a great year for you. Hopefully your breeding goals ate attained and that it rolls out better than 2019...Continuous improvement is preferable to stagnancy in my opinion. :)