I saw alpaca getting sheered today.

2년 전

It was cold and windy this morning.

We only popped by to see it all happening. It was the host couple I'm staying with and myself visiting another local farm, where the sheering was being done. I got to see it go down a few times and it was interesting.

Ok, let's get the pics...

The finished result... Quite an attractive, and oddly-proportioned animal here if you ask me.

I can tell the alpacas didn't like this being done to them, but they also clearly can't understand nor be told what the deal is. They're getting free room & board, protected grazing area, and in exchange, their owners want their fur once a year.

Now, I'll warn you, some of the content following might be a bit upsetting to anyone who is vegan, or who is very concerned for animal welfare and such. I want the animal to be harmed as least as possible but I do accept the moral consequences of animals being harvested for their resources and for the benefit of humans. Ok, disclosure out of the way, now for the rest of the pics

These are apparently rather expensive animals and I'm not sure the wool even makes up for the considerable cost of buying and keeping these animals. I intend on researching this more in time.

The pre-sheered alpaca

Next pics are more ... intense

This is the rig they're tied into so they can't squirm around while the sheering takes place. The guy doing it is using an electric razor and is a professional. He does it fast. It's what he does for a living. He travels from farm to farm and does this full-time. He went fast.

Here's a video of the sheering happening. This one is a yelper. Some were a lot more relaxed during the process.


No spitting!

Thanks for joining me for another adventure in farm-land. See ya on the next one!


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