HOMT aims to provide a centralized market place for Student’s Rental Accommodation Industry




The world of crypto has seen many cryptocurrencies solve different problems in real life. Many projects have not been successful, but there are still many projects with good results and still dominate the market. Cryptocurrencies are a very unpredictable place and a project in the crypto world needs important factors like community support, investor interest, a clear roadmap, and a development team. Being active and strong is the key to success.

Today I am going to talk about one of the very potential projects, and I think this project has the most important factors that could be a good opportunity for early investors. The subject of this article is a project called HOMT. So what are the advantages of HOMT?

About HOMT


To solve the difficulties of adopting young people who will change the future of HOMT, this is a project to become a real estate platform based on blockchain and ERC20. In order to make students' lives much easier and their study lives comfortable, Properties are provided to students with the most affordable conditions.

The HOMT project aims to be a blockchain-based real estate platform and ERC20, to provide you with an easy and practical vacation in every country and city where our student friends go, at the same time looking for cheaper and smaller commissions in student life.

HOMT aims to solve the biggest problem in all of the countries of the world - the problem of accommodation for our students, because they go to places like reading, and also lack housing.

Using the power of cryptography, smart contracts, blockchain, and encryption, HOMT LTD seeks to access corporate real estate assets and democratize property rights.

Regional and global financial authorities and parent company HOMT LTD governs HOMT LLC and its assets with an emphasis on international asset management prior to acquisition, development and distribution on a network. Transparent blockchain brings transparency and trust that all transactional processes take place within the HOMT ecosystem.

Where entry for a low-capitalist is almost impossible, HOMT LTD allows you to reduce the minimum investment amount through commodity coding. Update student e-wallet, flexible monthly rental payment, no expiration HOM tokens stored in e-wallet, accommodation discount, annual bonus offer on tokens available in Student e-wallet and creates a complete ecosystem for meeting with future requests of token holders.

HOMT offers a special app for students to help them access HOMT's ecosystems, products and services smarter. Furthermore, they can also rent any room of their choice directly from their smartphone. The business model for HOMT has been designed to ensure that every development can run concurrently while the market can run under any traffic.

To attract people like students, ordinary people or HNI to invest in home tokens to buy assets for HOMT LTD, the company aims to create a trusted ecosystem with HOMT tokens.

About HOMT Token

HOM Token gives you the opportunity to be an asset owner with the least investment you can think of. The world's first token with a combined system that converts rental costs into partial ownership of a student rental apartment. In the digital currency world, HOMT provides incomparable security for basic real estate assets, while also creating passive money-making opportunities for college students.

Cryptographic security with increasing intrinsic value increases capital returns for traders and investors, leading to the ideal investment choice for everyone. For students, it provides the opportunity to turn their rental cost into a partial investment, offering full value for money. Using BlockChain, AI, big data, and smart contract, every transaction is registered, audited and open for verification in the HOM Token.

The HOMT token is unlike any other cryptocurrency or token and it only works as a useful token or payment method, but becomes important in asset acquisition for and for company.

HOMT tokens can be exchanged on cryptocurrency exchanges. The HOMT token can also be used to exchange "peer" values. This gives a unique opportunity to exchange HOM tokens, quickly gain access and removal.

The HOMT token is a blockchain based on the Ethereum blockchain that will be used on the HOMT platform. The group will divide the marker into phases as follows. Early investors will receive 0.50% of tokens. The team will spend 48% of tokens for sale and only 3% of tokens will be used for marketing projects. The team leaders and founders will receive 10% of the HOMT tokens, 5% will be legally used.

Distribution Token

distributoin token.png


HOMT wants to build an ecosystem where anyone, from small to large investors, can invest in HOMT tokens for students to rent real estate, while managing liquidity and transparency. hearing ability. They aim to give this system badges of the tokens they produce.



team homt.png


HOMT wants to build an ecosystem where anyone, from small to large investors, can invest in HOMT tokens for students to rent real estate, while managing liquidity and transparency. hearing ability. They aim to give this system badges of the tokens they produce.

The project is already on the market, and trading has commenced on the Probit exchange. This is a clear sign that the project is constantly evolving and the team is working hard to develop the project. These facts show that the team has no intention of taking money only from investors, and they work for investors so they can get their funds in the future with a good return.


🌐 Official Website (https://homt.net/)
📑 Whitepaper (https://homt.net/Whitepaper.pdf)
📃 Presentation (https://homt.net/Executive-summary.pdf)
📧 Telegram Group (https://t.me/homtokenofficial)
🔈 Telegram Channel (https://t.me/homtoken)
🕊 Twitter (https://twitter.com/homtoken)
📘 Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/homtoken/)
📝 Medium (https://medium.com/@homtoken)
📺 YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSB9YHUPVlJclwW3qow0NOw)
🔗 LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/homtoken/)
📖 Github (https://github.com/HOMToken)
📸 Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/homtoken/)
🗣 Bitcointalk (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2777920)

Proof of Authentication: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5250951.msg54514350#msg54514350

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