HonestBot Change Report 03/08/2017

4년 전


Greetings HonestBot users, followers and delegators. Today marks the first time changes have been made to HonestBot since it launched 19 days ago.

The underlying architecture of the bot remains the same, but two small changes were made: One change was operation and the other was more cosmetic.

Change 1:

The max post age has been changed from 6 days to 3.5 days. This was done in compliance with @grumpycat's standards so that none of HonestBot's users get flagged for using the bot "too late" according to someone else's arbitrary standards.

Change 2:

The message sent with returned bids has been altered. It used to read, The current bidding round is full. Please try again next round! The new version says: Your bid exceeded the current round limit. Please try again with a smaller bid or wait until the next round.

This change was made because the original message implied that there was no possibility to get a bid in until the next round. The new message represents the situation with greater accuracy and invites the bidder to try again.

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If you read grumpycat's initial post, you could see he explicitly allowed profiting off the reward pool.
Only some of the post promotion bots he forced himself upon.
He even did not include booster and minnowbooster, booster's owners surrendered without being threatened.
It is a big pity you disabled comment voting and later reduced your deadline to 6 days.
You are too small to be a target for him.
The bots GC targets, fine their customers without his intervention.


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I never disabled comment voting. I never had it enabled in the first place.


Does comment voting require a different code than main thread voting?


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Ok great. Thanks for the update. I think I'll give this bot a trial run and see how it performs.

Thanks @sethlinson for becoming Grumpy Cat compliant. It is painful to have to conform to those compliance standards, but as you say the cost of not being compliant is not worth it as a downvote from Grumpy Cat causes such damage.

Excellent! It's a huge relief that we now safe from grumpycat. :D


I haven't thoroughly looked through grumpycat's rules, but I know the biggest hangup was over posts getting late votes. I don't particularly agree with grumpycat on this matter, but I figured I'd rather keep HonestBot's clients safe.

In the coming days I'll do a more thorough check to ensure "grumpycat compliance"

I used this bot this evening. I sent 0.07 SBD. How much time do I have to wait?


Sorry for the late reply. Bidding rounds are 2 hours 24 minutes, so that would be the maximum amount of time you would have to wait before receiving your upvote. You can follow the bidding rounds of this bot and many others at Steem Bot Tracker.

If you do not upvote for my post, give me the money back

wow..thanks for giving this update i like your bot blog.good job.keep it up dear @honestbot ..we love you😘

I dont suppose you could help out a fellow small bot owner. How did you get the bid based api working please?

ok i will try this bot.

I'm sorry but I do not know where to write,i sended to you 0.97SBD(yesterday 00:11)but I did not get upvote https://steemit.com/photo/@foxyz/england


Sorry for the late reply.

Any bid that doesn't follow the rules is returned automatically. I can see from your wallet that you've made several bids to @honestbot, most of which were returned for various reasons (exceeding round limit, lower than minimum bid value, etc.)

I think the one you're referring is the 0.097 SBD bid for this post. And I think you're right, you didn't get a vote when you should have. There must have been a glitch in the system. I'm going to look into what might have gone wrong.

For now, I've sent you 0.097 SBD from my personal account as a refund.

Thanks for keeping us up to date as we grow!! 👍