(Hosocope May 2020)

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Monthly Horoscope - May 2020


### Aries approved this period with some illusions and many concerns, especially in relation to the economic sector. You must be attentive and do not rely too much on those you do not know, as this risks being deceived.

No sentimental sector is a good time to formalize relationships and for those who want to move house, they are favorites for couples who are thinking of getting married soon, have good support from family and friends and have very happy moments in their life together .

No professional sector should undertake studies and new apprenticeships, if it has an opportunity to take a training course without hesitation. Even though I feel some difficulties in the first fortnight, starting on the 18th, everything will dissipate and be clearer. Economically, everything tends to go well.

In health you may have some migraines.

### Gemini will feel with some limitations that will be created only by your head as it is a month in which you will have progress and evolution, you have to face life head on and not fear new challenges that will even prove to be attractive. You can accomplish something you have wanted to do or have in the past.

In the sentimental sector, you will have more certainty since it will clarify situations from the past that were not completely defined. Opportunities in this sector will not be lacking, you will be very charming and will attract a lot of attention.

In the professional sector do not do business without certainty, always pay attention to all the details. You will have many eyes on you and your way of acting. Economically there will be some improvements.

In health try to move more, a sedentary life will not be healthy at all.

### Cancer will be very committed and focused on his work and may sometimes forget about his affective life, try to organize the time better in order to be able to give attention to all sectors.

In the sentimental sector it tends to enter a colder and more distant period, doubts will hang in the air. Spending time alone, just with your thoughts is the best way to find the answers you need to continue or end a relationship.

In the professional sector there will be the possibility of forming a partnership and starting a new activity that will bring you a lot of enthusiasm and optimism. Dedicate yourself to a new stage in your professional life. Economically it is best to avoid large expenditures because substantial cash inflows are not expected.

In health try to rest more and do not treat yourself.

### Leo will have a positive month in which he can achieve the achievement he wants in various sectors of his life. Even though you are always connected you will feel a little lonely throughout this period.

In the sentimental sector you will go through situations that will make you grow and you will be the driver of your life. When you feel that a relationship is safe do not let it fall asleep, have more initiatives that bring joy to life for two.

In the professional sector you can count on the support of your superiors, so don't be shy about giving answers and presenting. Economically you will not be able to make very large expenses, expenses tend to arise from several fronts and it is important to be prepared for this.

In health, you should take a vitamin supplement as you will be tired and unfocused.

### Virgo will have a protected month, although complicated, she will have to take some risks. You will be able to make very significant changes in your life as you will have ideas and opportunities to carry out some of your projects that will bring you the deserved returns.

In the sentimental sector, you will want to continue with a problematic and conflicting relationship, until you reach the conclusion that it is not worth insisting on, you will have to go through a separation that will not be easy, as it is expected to happen when you least expect it.

In the professional sector, there will be growth and important learning. You must organize early and always maintain an optimistic and confident attitude, what you build now will bring benefits and successes in the future. Economically, you will have good income that will allow you to make personal expenses.

In health you will feel very tired and will have to increase your rest periods.

L### ibra will be protected throughout May and should not give too much importance to some periods of anxiety that he tends to have, he will not find any reason for that to be justified, because in general everything tends to go well this month.

In the sentimental sector you will have a month you will always want more and from time to time everything will do to break the routine, think twice before taking any action that may jeopardize your relationship since there may be a rupture at the end of the month due to a secret passion that will reveal itself.

In the professional sector during this period you will have the opportunity to find new meaning for your career or business, take advantage of new opportunities and strive for your future. Economically despite constant concerns, you will be able to increase your income due to your effort.

In health, do relaxation exercises to recover your energy.

### Scorpio must externalize what goes on inside, try things you haven't tried before, make requests, it's a month in which your communication skills will be put to the test. You must pay more attention to your family, it is from it that your greatest source of support will come.

In the sentimental sector, it is necessary to believe that everything can improve and after a break, a person will appear with whom you will have great complicity and with whom you can live pleasant and worry-free moments. Avoid making comments about your private life.

In the professional sector, be prepared to face some obstacles created by third parties, you may have to try harder than normal, but you will gain more responsibility and confidence from your superiors. Economically you will have more expenses than is normal.

In health, your spine can cause problems.

### Sagittarius will have a very positive month when everything will go together well. In the second fortnight you will have more facilities, reach a desired position for a long time and will go through a period in which you will have protection and growth.

In the sentimental sector, give others more opportunities to show themselves. In the first fortnight you will be happier as you will understand and live more with your partner. Friends can be an excellent support for you throughout the month.

In the professional sector everything tends to go on the better side, opportunities for change will arise, it may be within the same area in which you work, enjoy and be optimistic even if some initial conflicts with colleagues arise, everything will be resolved. Economically don't let monthly payments be delayed.

In health you will feel some tiredness.

### Capricorn will start the month with great responsibilities, but will also have the necessary skills to resolve and lead his own life, moments of great happiness and triumph are expected throughout this period.

In the sentimental sector you will have tranquility throughout the first fortnight, the relations will be guided by maturity and harmony. You will be able to live very happy moments with your partner, they will feel good in each other's company.

In the professional sector he has a strong tendency to leave behind a project or job to start a new one and will be very committed to achieving success, will have good financial support, sometimes he will have to insist, but the end result will be positive. Economically study all the possibilities of making an investment.

In health do not abuse coffee as you will have some difficulties sleeping.

### Aquarius will have the possibility to do new things throughout this month, a job opportunity may arise that will increase the quality of life, thanks to your effort. You may be disappointed with someone you considered to be your friend.

In the sentimental sector the month will start with some doubts which will cause moments of disorientation for both you and your partner who may feel lost in the middle of the relationship.

In the professional sector, it is advisable to pay close attention throughout this period, since you can achieve considerable growth if you are concentrated and have everything organized. Do not trust too much, sometimes appearances can be deceiving. Economically do not give credit to very advantageous business proposals.

In health, pay attention to small signs, it's time to start worrying more about yourself.

### Pisces will be faced with situations that will lead to profound but positive changes in your life. In the first half of the year, almost unavoidable opportunities may arise with regard to the professional sector, release your energy, let go of fears and do not shrink from expectations of change.

In the sentimental sector throughout the month you will have to go through some disagreements, but instead of giving up on a relationship it would be good to make an effort to better understand your partner's needs and only demand more or make a decision after that, whether you are to take the first step towards reconciliation.

In the professional sector you will have to improvise in some situations as you will be subject to last minute changes, you tend to feel nervous at these times, but show security in your attitudes as everything will go smoothly. Economically there will be ups and downs, control spending.

In health, be careful with temperature changes, but in general it will be fine.

These are the predictions of the tarologist Ana de Portugal.
All Merito is hers
I know we all like to always read something so I thought I would share it with you, I hope you like it

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