Something In There Lies (Chapter 2)


"That will be $100 please."

"$100 to fix a small mirror? That's a total rip off."

"The older the mirror darlin"

"Ya, sure." Katie was not impressed. Rather than giving the salesman the money in his hand, she slammed it on the counter. It made her feel better and thought she should have even threw it at the wall. She was glad to get this whole ordeal done with and be rid of the girls. The big 'B' word constantly grew in her mind the more she thought about Pam. She'll get her back for this.

Katie met up with Pam, Kathy and Jesse and the old oak tree in the middle of town.

"Here is your dumb mirror. Now, please don't bother me anymore. Know that I never broken the damn thing in the first place but I paid $100 to get it fixed to be rid of all of you." Katie turned and walked away, not taking the time to stay a moment longer.

"How rud - HEY! You think this is a joke? What do you think you're doing? I told you to get it fixed, what the hell?"

"What are you talking about, it is fixed. I paid to get it fixed at that old mirror shop that stinks of B.O and dead animals."

"No, you didn't! Look!"

Pam turned the old hand mirror to Katie showing the same cracks and chips.

"Wh...H-How? I just came from that shop and he showed it to me, it was fixed."

"Tell me, how do you explain this then?"

"I-I don't know, I even have the receipt, look!"

"I know you are good at pulling pranks but this one is over the top. Get it fixed NOW!"

"No! You bring it. I'm tired of the shit you girls cause, I'm not doing anything for any of you. Figure it out yourselves."

Pam stepped in closer to be a few inches away from Katie.

"You are going to get this fixed and if you do not, I will make sure to make your life a living hell at school and at home. I'm pretty good at that. I can arrange it so that you never see your BMX again, and forget about having friends. You'll regret not fixing this mirror."

"Fine, I'll take it back to the ass that fixed it."

Katie stomped all the way back to the shop, she was furious.

"Hello again! Come to get another mirror fixed?"

"The same one! Look, you obviously didn't do a good job fixing it. I want my money back."

"Oh, no. You must have broken it again. You know that will be another $100 to fix it again."

"Nooooo. I said I want my money back. You are the one that packaged it and besides, it says that you guarantee your work. I assume it's the same for your packaging." She was steaming now, her face red from anger.

"O.k kiddo. I'll do you this one favor. But I won't be giving your money back. I'll fix it again, this one time only, for free. But don't you come back here again after that. I don't want any more problems from you."

"Is that how you guarantee your work? By fixing and then banning? Whatever, call me when it's ready."

3 days have passed and everyday at school, Pam would jab Katie in the ribs and ask her for her grandmothers mirror. No matter how much she said the guy hasn't called her back yet, Pam didn't care and even seemed to enjoy hurting her.

Returning home was the only place she felt she could just get away.

"Hey Kate! How was your day?"

"Hey mom. It was good. Same as always."

"Oh, Kate you got a call from Mirrors, Antiques and More, saying your mirror is ready?"

"K, thanks mom."

"What mirror is he talking about?"

"Nothing mom! Just a dumb mirror that Pam can't part with. Nothing Major."

"Well, if you need anything just let me know. That man is good for taking advantage of people."

"Ya I saw that the first time. I can handle it, no worries."

Katie put her shoes back on, went outside and grabbed her BMX. The faster she got there, the faster she can give back.

"I want to see the mirror."

"I already wrapped it."

"I don't care, you can re-wrap it. I want to make sure it's good."

The salesman unwrapped it and handed it to the young girl full of attitude.

"Happy now?"

Katie took the mirror and handled it gently. She looked into it and for some reason she was captured. She was seeing her reflection this time but it was as though things were moving inside, swirling and changing. Katie couldn't take her eyes off it. Her reflection was beginning to change shape and color. The other reflections were now gone and dark grey smoke took place. Her reflection was now completely changed to what appeared to be a skull.

How peculiar.

The sounds of whispering filled her ears, telling her to bring the mirror closer to her. Slowly she approached the mirror, the whispers appeared louder and in words she couldn't understand. Closer again, only 2 inches from her nose. The whispers became overbearing with a background of screams. Something was wrong. Katie squinted her eyes as she locked in with the missing eyes from the skull, piercing screams and tortured sounds. It was as though she was seeing souls move around in the dark holes. All at once the sounds stopped. Dead silence.

Katie was hypnotized as she saw one soul seemingly try to reach out to her. Painful, earsplitting, screeching sounds came through as the soul and skull lunged out to grab her, breaking through the mirror. Katie screamed, dropped the mirror on the counter and covered her ears. It was overbearingly painful.

Then everything stopped. The screams were stopped, the whispers, everything was over.

"Hey, little girl. Is the mirror to your liking's, or what?"

Katie blinked. She checked her surroundings, then looked at her hands. She was still holding the mirror. She never dropped it.

"Uh... ummm..." She was trying to collect everything that happen and how everything was fine. "Ya it's good, um, just wrap it up please."

She took her phone out of her pocket and dialed Pam's number. "Ya Pam, it's Katie. Your mirror is fixed but I'm not going to touch it, you can come to the mirror shop and get it yourself. This way you can't think that I didn't get it fixed or break it again." She then hung up.


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If you liked this chapter, here is thefirst chapter so you can get caught up to what has happened.


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Oooh, the plot thickens. I think I would make Pam pick up the mirror herself, too...


Wait for the next installment :D What do you think might happen? Will Pam have to deal with the mnirror of doom for the rest of her life? Will she be haunted forever? Will she be trapped inside forever until she starves to death?


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