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It was a hot summer day, me and my dad went to my grandpa's place. It was your ordinary house with a barn and an well in the middle of his property. Grandpa said that well wasn't used for a very long time. He has a dog a goat and a bunch of chickens.

Grandpa's dog which is named Russel is kinda annoying. He always scratches the door whenever he's outside and doesn't stop unless you let him in. He just loves to lick grandpa's goat's butt and chase chickens. Anyway, we've been here for a month now and everything was boring because there is no internet, I was literally cut off from the world.

It was quiet one night, there weren't any dog scratching the door which is weird because it was like a normal thing everynight so I told grandpa about it. Grandpa got worried so we went outside and looked for him. We checked everywhere until I saw his leash near the well. He might've fell down there but the weird thing was there is blood by the mouth of the well. We waited until sunrise. We noticed that the bucket was down so we raised it. It was hard to pull like it was heavy maybe grandpa's dog was caught in it so we pulled hard until we saw the bucket. As the bucket came to the sunlight, something shiny was in it. We were amazed to what we saw. The bucket was full of gold. Not gold bars or coins but raw chunks of gold.

So how could that be? Was it a coincidence? Did the dog drop down there and was replaced by gold? It was too weird to believe.
And you cannot just drop a bucket and get gold by just pulling it so someone must've put the gold in the bucket. It's just not possible.

We had to make sure. We waited until night time and sent down a chicken and left it there. We felt stupid just by doing this. We went to sleep and set up the alarm clock.

It was morning, I woke up earlier than the alarm. I looked through the window and saw grandpa already pulling the bucket. I rushed outside. Just as grandpa pulled the bucket up, again he bucket was filled with gold but this time it was only a quarter of the bucket I saw something scribbled by the bucket but it was inreadable.
My father knew what was going on and is getting anxious, he told grandpa to put the goat next and so grandpa did. They replaced the bucket with a platform. I put an old dictionary a notebook and a pencil together with the goat. Again we wait until morning.

We weren't disappointed, the platform was full of gold. Both grandpa and dad was both happy and confused they wasn't sure what to feel. The dictionary was gone but the notebook was there. I took the notebook and was surprised that there was a writing in it, it said "thank you for goat". Now my father wanted more, he
said that there must be more gold down there and we should take the gold for ourselves, grandpa said it might not be a good idea but my father made up his mind.

Dad took his double barreled shotgun and wore grandpa's world war uniform with boots and gloves, he also wore a full gas mask and a helmet. I also gave my dad the notebook. He then stood by the platform and ordered grandpa to lower him down, grandpa said no but my dad insisted.
I helped grandpa lower him down carefully.
The platform reached the bottom and we wait. We then heard a gunshot followed by another one. A few minutes passed and my grandpa shouted at my dad if he was ok. There was no answer. Suddenly, the rope was tugged 2 times. It was a signal to raise him up and so we did. It was heavier than before. As we pulled up, we saw my dad standing on the platform, he just stood there, motionless.
My grandpa slowly walked to him and touched his shoulders and asked if he was ok. As he touched him, the suit fell off, the whole suit was filled with gold. Grandpa and I looked at each other with one question in mind, where's dad? I saw the notebook fell down on the ground, I picked it up and written on it was "thank you for meal, better than dog and goat..taste better than chicken..bring more"

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