Short Stories : "They're All Dead"

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This story tells about four students who plan to go on holiday to their friend's village, Lisa.
Fred, Jessica, Sebastian and Mona are friends of Lisa, they leave by car. on the way to Lisa's house, fred has a strange dream, but he does not want to tell his dream to anyone, he stays silent, then ...

Fred “anybody home… hello….”
Still fred “excuse me, anybody home, lisa hellooo…”

Jessica “are you sure she is at home now, fred?”

Fred “yeah, I’m sure because I was call her last week, and I said we’ll come to her house to take vacation!”

Mona “may be she is out “

Sebastian “But where ..!”

Fred “lets go, I know this village, we’ll go hiking to that hill it is not far enough from here we’ll build our camp there, we can’t wait here until night. come on lets go!“

And then they go hiking the hill

(… … …) bird sounds, wind blow

Jessica “ the scenery is so beautyfull here many trees, still natural! I love being here”

Fred “yeah you’re right, I remembered when I was young, lisa and I went to this hill and enter the old cave that no one in this village have courage to come in!”

Mona “cave..? what cave..?”

Fred “owh, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you guys, there is a cave up there on this hill, people here called it hill of death, there was once a story about! “

Sebastian “yeah, it should be!”

Fred “yup, there was one old story about the cave”

Sebastian “ tell us about it”

Mona “yeah, tell us”

Fred “hmm… I’m afraid you’ll lost your brave if I tell you the story!”

Jessica “no, come on fred “

Fred “ oke…oke! Here is the story, one day…“

To be continue …

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