Because of this, husbands begin to get away, men should know why

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A time comes when women start getting away from their husbands. They like gold from men alone. They seem to be more like a husband, not only with her husband. Saying that interest in establishing sexuality ends. And this is revealed by a research.
In fact, it has been revealed in the research that with the increase in the female's body, the progestorirone hormone level also decreases.

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According to research, the decreases in this hormone decrease in the desire to have sex in women's body. Then they turn away - things seem to be away from their husbands. Whereas women from 20 to 28 years old, this hormone is very sharp because of which women are more interested in establishing relationships.
During the research, women up to 55 years of age were included, after which her resort came to an end that the desire for a relationship between women ends.00a4b7e9106c8df3129312381795df57.jpg

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