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Blockchain is an innovative innovation first introduced through the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The idea of ​​decentralizing blockchain innovation and making it a real step forward, one of which is a framework to advance the mission and a risky choice for the future period. moreover, currently many stages continue to arise by creating cutting-edge coins using blockchain framework as a vehicle or marketplace for many cryptocurrencies around the planet. One area where blockchain innovation has been of great help is the currency sector. Also, this time I need to introduce a quest with a bright future, which is 123SWAP. The presence of a 123SWAP pledge can make a big difference, especially for financial backers and a portion of the accomplices involved in that pledge. This venture is purely for speculation, so never squander this great opportunity.

One of the developments in the Blockchain market is Defi or Decentralized Finance, where it is a unified monetary framework that removes the work of union delegates and allows anyone to conduct the exchange of information. believe. through peer-to-peer transactions. Defi changed the already advanced Blockchain framework into different types of currency exchanges that were easy to get complicated at first. and this time i want to give important information about the project called 123SWAP. For more detailed information, do not miss the fascinating articles that I will introduce to you below:


123swap, a decentralized cross-chain network, wants to bridge the gap not only between DEX and CEX, but also enable interoperability between smart contracts of different blockchains.

In an exclusive interview with DailyCoin, Tomas Ambrazas, CEO of 123swap, discusses the current state of crypto exchanges and how the two-year-old startup wants to revolutionize the trading experience total translation using your custom solutions.

123swap was created as a result of many factors, one of which includes challenges and non-scalability inherent in centralized exchanges. Ambrazas has addressed some of the key CEX bottlenecks that have facilitated the rapid expansion of DEXs.

According to him, there has been an increase in the number of active blockchain systems over the years, which further indicates an even larger increase in the number of crypto tokens active on the respective blockchains.

123swap will bridge the gap between DEX and CEX After highlighting some obstacles with CEX and offering expert advice on co-existence of CEX-DEX, 123swap has built a solution that eliminates the disparity between CEX and CEX. two exchanges.

For example, the platform bridges the gap that the integrated CEX platform is lacking and then interfaces with the DEX platforms so that both worlds can benefit equally.

“Our solution [is to] complete the Binance smart chain and Ethereum chain tweaks to their swaps, farming, yield products, as well as government. So you can use the two most common strings for swapping and farming. Likewise, you can add and remove liquidity and test all of our systems to see how it works. It is working and fully working

123swap - Business Model

The business model of the 123swap platform consists of the following elements:

  • 123swap: Seamless peer-to-peer crypto assets swap platform.
  • 123nft: NFT minting and peer-to-peer NFT swap platform.
  • 123yield: A platform to deposit crypto-assets and earn the most optimised interest rate.
  • 123bridge: A cross-chain decentralised finance assets swap platform.
  • 123lend&borrow: Access to low-interest, stable coin loans using crypto assets as collateral.
  • 123gov: 123swap token represents voting power on a blockchain project.


Prior to the launch of the 123swap platform, it will undergo a Token sale exercise. The funds raised in the ICO will be utilised by the team to further develop the platform.

Token Name123swap
Ticker Symbol123
Token Decimals18
Token BackgroundBEP-20 / ETH 20
Token TypeUtility - Governance
Token Sale Date2021 Q4
KYP/AML RequiredDepends on platform requirements where token sale happening
Restricted CountriesDepends on platform requirements where token sale happening
Project StatusTEAM: Ready, MVP: Ready

Token Distribution

token distribution.jpg


roadmap 123swap.jpg

To conclude

123SWAP will help users, especially investors, faster without the need for experience or anything else. And not only that, 123SWAP users can also enjoy various features like staking, join the administration or get exclusive access and many more benefits. 123SWAP aims to be both a marketplace and a social platform that can unite in the DEX field.

For More Information:

WEBSITE: https://123swap.finance/
WHITEPAPER: https://docs.123swap.finance/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/123swapfinance/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/123swapfinance
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/my123swap_chat

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