What people thinks about Waltonchain 11 March 2018

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Here you can see the latest 10 twitts about Waltonchain


2018-03-11 09:06:51

Wtc now hiring marketing experts.. Looks like they r listening to its investors..! Great job @Waltonchain #wtchttps://t.co/emAoWr654r


2018-03-11 08:59:59

Biggest Losers (1 hr)
Emercoin $EMC -2.68% ❄️
Asch $XAS -2.32% ❄️
SIRIN LABS Token $SRN -0.26%
MaidSafeCoin… https://t.co/3S66E3I6dz


2018-03-11 08:45:45

RT @WaltonTraveler: #waltonchain hiring to expand marketing and public relations $wtc https://t.co/YAiS2LheYL


2018-03-11 08:35:12

RT @WaltonTraveler: #waltonchain hiring to expand marketing and public relations $wtc https://t.co/YAiS2LheYL


2018-03-11 08:32:50

RT @sigma_six_: Viking here! Time for a coin sculpture drop! Actually there are a few new ones! Find them on https://t.co/qL3aU33vSf world…


2018-03-11 08:26:40

RT @Waltonchain: Congratulations! Waltonchain Project Director Mr. Lin Herui was elected the Vice President of the Fujian IoT Industry Asso…


2018-03-11 08:16:52

RT @CoinTradingBot: Top 100 avg 1h return: -1.0±1.1%; 9 up, 91 down
$BTC -1.1% $ETH -1.0%
3.3% $EMC @emercoin_press
1.1% $WTC @Walto


2018-03-11 08:04:27

WaltonChain Announces Partnership With Large American Egg Farm!!! - https://t.co/n4Uq43TPOm


2018-03-11 08:02:34

RT @MindYourCoins: $WTC is hiring. A great step towards professional marketing and PR for the western public.



2018-03-11 08:01:56

RT @MindYourCoins: $WTC is hiring. A great step towards professional marketing and PR for the western public.


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