[[The hero is actually the villain on the screen!]]

4년 전

The hero's duty of protecting heroes from film's villains The heroes of the heroes 'shield the survivors' screaming and reach the ears of the heroes wherever they are, wherever they are.
Then the heroes emerged to save the heroic 'Izzat' and the heroes emerged from the sky.
Then he was the only one who managed to catch the lucky one villain.
If this is the hero? Seeing the heroic behavior of the hero, the crowd broke in the clutches of the crowd.
But in some cases screen heroes are in fact completely opposite.
In the personal life, these heroes became as dangerous as the villains.
Instead of clapping, the alliance is inclined to the forehead.
Sometimes, however, the heroes can come out of their way out of the law.
But the 'scandal' is not so easily available.

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