The 10 Most Beautiful Women Producing Countries in the World [Part 1]

4년 전
  1. Brazil

    The country famous for its samba dance is ranked first country with beautiful women, we will often see women with shining skin when walking in this country.
  2. Russia

    Russian girl has long been famous for her blue eyes, proportional and tall body.
  3. Venezuela

    The third position is occupied by Venezuela. Latin country is also famous for its beautiful women who often become Miss Universe and Miss World. The country is also famous for its telenovelanya often featuring beautiful and sexy women.
  4. India

    The country ranks fourth for the most beautiful women in the world and first for the prettiest women in Asia.
    Indian women are becoming more attractive because of the feminine side as well as having ethical manners and simplicity.
  5. Argentina

    Argentine women always understand how to take care of themselves. They will also give the best appearance to get the attention of the adam.

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cool :) im in love with a russian beauty. but i live in Romania and im surprised not to find it on your list at all.. quite some beautys here too :D