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I started using a new exchange a few days ago because they had scorum listed on there and I felt like it was at a low enough price for me to buy some (0.08$). Scorum is a fork of Steem that focuses on the sporting and betting industry but similar to Steem lets you vote on content created by its users. Without getting too much into the currency, some of you who attended Steem Fest are probably aware of it after the conference. I wanted to make this post as I was pleasantly surprised by this new exchange.

First off it didn't require any KYC and the design of it reminded me a lot of Binance. As some of my hardcore followers may know Binance has been one of the few exchanges I've shilled in my posts ( being the other one) and that's cause no one should keep coins on exchanges too long. If they are there then they aren't really yours, something that Bitcoin should have taught many of us over the years considering all hacks, scams and exchange exitscams not to mention the Mt. Gox fiasco that set Bitcoin back a couple years.

Anyway, I tried it out cause I saw a good deal, I sold about 120 Steem for 0.42 Eth and purchased 1100 Scorum for it and held them on my Scorum account (remember not to hold coins on exchanges unless you absolutely have to). Today I noticed Scorum was up by 60% although on Hotbit it was only up 40% or so but that was good enough for me, this was supposed to be a short term trade since I didn't power up the Scorum and considering Steem has dropped even lower since I sold the inital 120 I figured I make the most out of this pump and sell the Scorum back for Steem. Unfortunately Hotbit does not have Steem listed yet and I'm gonna try get in contact with them to list it, so I had to go through Eth again and ended up with 0.15 Eth profit which I am now in the process of buying Steem with once they arrive on my Binance account.

All in all I am really impressed by this exchange, not only are the deposits and withdrawals appearing super fast, but it seems really reliable and has a great selection of altcoins for you to choose from and trade. Here is a list of all coins listed there right now, the exchange has a $20 mil 24h volume and a lot of competitions similar to what Binance had in the beginning.

They also have a invite link so I figured I'd sell out a bit and share it here with my followers. At least I'm not hiding it behind images and links without mentioning its a referral link like some other Steemians. ;)

Click on this link to register through my referral! :)

I'm gonna make a new post soon encouraging users to send hotbit an application to list Steem as well, until then let me know if you signed up through my link in the comments. Thanks! :)

Oh, while I was writing this post my Eth came through to Binance, looks like I made a 37.7 Steem profit and put a little buy pressure into the coin. :)

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Hi @acidyo, Thank You for bringing one more opportunity to get Steem listed on another exchange. I registered through you and here is a print screen in this regard:

Also resteemd the post.

Steem Is On!


Thank you! :) Yes the more the merrier!

Signing up through your referral right now! What about KYC? Never mind, I will soon find out. Thanks for the info!


First off it didn't require any KYC and the design of it reminded me a lot of Binance.



Yup, I was too quick to hit that link. And too stupid not to type that question :P


Thanks for signing up through my link! :)


Np, I enjoy it when people use my ref links so I thought it's only fair to do so for others. Have a good day!

Hey @acidyo, I just read your post and registered through your referral link right away. Also joined Scorum. Thank You!


Just trying to understand the Scorum platform. It's ditto of Steem except that they are focused on Sports community primarily. There is just one category that is non-sporty and is entitled as Other. If we can play games there, I'm going to spend a lot of time there. Thanks for one more time.

I am always looking for arbitrage opportunities. I hope your trade didn't balance out the prices too much though. Will sign up through you link too and thanks for the information.

I have been using Hotbit for quite some time now, just because they have Scorum Coins :D

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, I registered with your link, let me try maybe I can hit some profit too if I am lucky enough :)

Hey man

Just signed up to this exchange via your link, hopefully you can see me in your 'invitation record' tab, cheers!

Ahh good to know they have scorum listed! Interesting they have scr but not steem. I've been wanting to get some more scr so I'll have to give hotbit a shot. And of course use your referral, especially since you were so up front about it, haha.


Cheers! I'm not even sure if there are any rewards for signing up through the ref link, lol, couldn't find any info about it. xD


😂 We can only hope then!

One of the tokens i hold has just been listed on hotbit but i was weary about signing up as #kycisnotforme so glad to here there is no kyc
I may as well sign up through your link :-)
I hold the bold token which pays out ethereum once a month for holding them. I only have a small amount as i'm weary of the company but so far they've paid every month without problem.

sir lot of Thank to you for sharing your experience and info! with us.

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Sounds fun, will try for it

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Yes scorum very good


Yeah not really what the post is about but cool. :D

I think exchanges will soon need to consider adding Steem more broadly as the opportunity that future SMTs may create to drive volume is too great to ignore. The more liquidity, the better!

Thank you for the upvotes sir 😍 I'm sharing this post with my followers I think they will find it useful