Voting could help solve the housing crisis in Dublin

2년 전

Younger members of society rent. Adolescent people don’t vote.

The only thing that matters is getting puerile people to turn out to vote. You don’t need protests and action plans over rudimentary needs like housing; you just need people to authentically emerge at the polls and then the regime will spend millions inditing plans for you and billions implementing them.

Fixate on how well pensioners are taken care of in every democracy, because they emerge to vote. Regimes avail their people - if those people vote (or are affluent).

If you wish to rebalance society away from the landowners (who are overwhelmingly old) toward renters (mostly below 40) then you require to be getting adolescent people engaged in politics and getting them to emerge on polling day. Do that (which is something that’s never been done consistently in any democracy I’m acclimated with) and everything will amend. Don’t do it and all the marches in the world won’t avail.

It’s quite frustrating to visually perceive people always asking “why can’t the regime [do sensible progressive thing]?” It’s because the people who want that thing most can’t be relied upon to vote. In lieu of having a dozen different causes, the cause everyone should be amalgamating behind is getting adolescent people to vote; because once they do the regime will act on those dozen other causes in order to secure future votes.

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