How to Make a Drone

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  1. Build the base of the drone

"shape that accommodates 4 rotors (called quadcopters). This design is easy to build and is also used on high end drones.
Having a plan to follow will help you more easily decide where to best place each component.
Once you have completed a quadcopter drone, you can try larger designs that incorporate multiple motors to carry more equipment such as cameras.
There are many models of drones available for free online if you are looking for "DIY Drone" Design ”.

2.Make a frame for the drone out of metal, plastic, or wood

Start building the frame using whatever material you choose. The best models are plastic, balsa wood, or thin metal (less than 0.25 inch (0.64 cm)). For a simple quadcopter design, lay a 12 inch (30 cm) long piece of wood, plastic or light metal on top of another to create an "X" shape with 90 degree angles. be the corner of a perfect square that you can draw around the frame. Choose a frame material at least 1 inch wide to support mounting the motors. [1]
You can buy plastic, thin metal, or balsa wood models at most hobby or hobby shops.You can also find these materials at drone dealers or on websites like Amazon.
Use glue or tape to secure the two pieces of the frame together.
Do not proceed to the next step until the frame parts are attached and the glue you used is dry.

  1. Purchase motors, propellers, and other electronics from a drone dealer.
    are components of your drone that cannot be built from scratch, so you will have to purchase them. If there is no drone dealer nearby, many hobby shops with model rockets and R / C planes will carry them. [2]
    You will need to purchase speed controllers, a power distribution board, and a flight controller. as well as motors and propellers. .
    If you have a hard time finding the parts you need, there are many online drone retailers, as well as big retailers like Amazon, that offer these parts. The
    drone engines should be rated to produce in total double the thrust of the drone's weight. If your quadcopter weighs 800 grams (28 ounces), each engine should produce 400 grams (14 ounces) so the total combined thrust will be 1600 grams (56 ounces).
    These components can often be purchased in bundles.

  2. Drill holes in the frame to support the motors.
    Most motors are mounted using 2-4 screws.Place a motor at the end of one of the drone's extended arms and mark where the holes are to be drilled. So use these holes as a guide when using the drill.
    If using self-locking wood screws on a wood or plastic frame, drill holes smaller than the diameter of the screws so that they can be used as a guide.
    If you are using metal, drill holes the same diameter as the mounting bolts you will be using. You will then need to use the nuts under the bolts to secure them in place....Wait for the sequel in the second part... soon




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