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I come for CEO Champion's Gate and CEO Champion's Gate only. steemit is sucks, I can't change my display name, I can't change my profile picture, won't be using this "thing" if not for CEO.

This is my Kongregate account

This is how suck steemit is:



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The second picture is the one you are after (not on wallet), and for me in testing it takes refreshing that page while logged in for it to show sometimes in firefox.

Sorry you have had trouble with this, it's a strange problem actually.
If you PM Grand on Kongregate with your "private posting key" (not active please, for security, and careful not to post anywhere public on there, only PM and don't need to show links to him or anything about what it is.. for all Kong admins know you are sending random letters, but we know more!) and if you decide on that option, he can possibly fix it for you (after some random delay to notice it).

If you are very frustrated feel free to use this option, because we like to promote minions into legendary champions, but the enemy is always threatening some squares. Grand is a wizard and a summoner so he can teleport you away from this frost mage, perhaps.


Thank you for your kindly reply, it sweep away my depression and make me happy! ^o^
I am ok with it now, minion or champion, I am in the community!


yes, we are building an overpowered army,
and a ghost is sometimes useful ^_~