4 Ways to Earn Unlimited Steem/SBD

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Hello there new Steemians! This is a short guide to how you can earn Steem and SBD (Steem Backed Dollars).

For most new users you want to earn as much as you can so that you can power up your Steem. Steem Powered Up will allow you to upvote yourself and others with higher amounts.


Let's jump right in to the top 4 ways to earn Steem and SBD!

1.) Blogging

The main way to earn Steem is through blogging. A blog post can be worth $0.01 to $1000s of dollars depending on how well it does. As a new user it is common for a lot of your posts to go unnoticed so dont be discouraged. In the beginning you are crafting your skills, feeling out the community, and growing your following.

7 Days after you create your post, you will be paid out for it. You will receive 50% of your Payout amount in Steem Backed Dollars (Can turn into Steem) and 50% in Steem Power (Which makes your upvotes more valueable).

2.) Upvoting (Curation Rewards)

Steem is also paid out for upvoting, called Curation Rewards. 25% of what a post earns is paid out to people who upvoted it based on your upvote value and if a lot of people upvoted after you indicating you recognized a quality post.

Some people read about Curation Rewards and start upvoting everyone on the Hot and Trending list. This wont really get you much. You have to recognize quality blogs and upvote them before others. But not too early. If you upvote a post within the first 30 minutes after it was posted, any rewards you earn are shared with the author.

3.) Commenting (Receive upvotes back)

Commenting on users is another way to earn Steem. When posting genuine comments you are likely to receive an upvote on your comment. 7 Days after you make the comment, you will be paid out.

4.) Completing Tasks (Steem/SBD)

EarnCrypto.com is a website where you can Watch entertaining videos, Answer surveys, Download apps, Complete tasks and find great deals to earn free Steem or SBD.

-Performing Tasks

Complete unlimited Crowdflower tasks earning Steem or SBD. These are micro tasks for various businesses such as data entry, searching, evaluating text, rating posts, and more. These are available to every country.

-Watch Videos

Watch videos and be rewarded in Steem or SBD for each ad played in between. You can let these run 24/7 earning unlimited Steem and SBD.

-Download Apps

If you have iPhone, iPad, or Android you can earn by downloading Apps and Games. Companys pay to get new users to try out their apps trying to grow the amount of people who use their Apps.

-Answer Surveys

EarnCrypto.com has partenered with a lot of survey companys doing consumer research. Available in all countrys, you can answer short surveys earning Steem and SBD. These are unlimited and can be performed daily.

I hope you have found this guide useful as just a quick summary of how to earn Steem and SBD.

Steemit is a great site but it is easy to get discouraged when you do not earn early on. Keep at it and you will be rewarded!

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I tried your surveys and they are crap. You get into the survey and you answer a lot of questions and then you get kicked out because you aren't in the target audience. I've spended 5+ minutes answering and did not get anything in return.

Also, this is kind of under payed. You get crypto's but you get like $0.04 worth of crypto's for your time.


Hi all, !! i'm @firzee0717
Hopefully we all continue to support each other to succeed in steemit
I just want advice from all of you who have long in steemit
Me as a beginner please guidance
Thank you if you all want to help me here
Respect for you all


I hate these Surveys for this exact reason. Total waste of time. I like to think of it like Donald Trump once said "If you lose $500 for each 15mins of time you waste, how would you think differently about spending your time?" From his collaboration with Robert Kiyosaki Book "Why We Want you to be Rich". Changed my mind of the value of my time.


Hey, even if you get disqualified the survey companys should still credit a disqualified reward though it is small. The DQ reward is paid out of our own pockets, the survey companys do not compensate us for users who are DQd. With the surveys some people fit the demographics, some people dont.

I try out all the offers myself regularly. I have luck with the App installs and letting the 'Watch Videos' play on my pc when I'm afk. Some people are earning $1-$2/day but it all depends on how easy you find it, if you fit the demographics or if you dont mind doing the offers.

Its definitely not for everyone but if you need a small amount of crypto or for new users signing up to MinnowSupport/Streemian it could be a way to get money to pay their sign up fees.

I'm looking into adding more ways to earn on the site so ways to earn should grow over time.


I agree that Completing Tasks in option #4 is a great option to earn but my only suggestion if you can is to do all that in a computer that can be dedicated to that or a virtual machine inside your main computer because those surveys, videos, tasks or apps can have malicious code and you shouldn't be exposing your main computer to all that. I would just be cautious about that.
be careful


He @earncrypto , where can i find the video's ?


I agree, I also tried myself and it is a waste of time to answer to these survey. However, I am giving you an upvote and following you because you are making the effort to explain to all of us newcomers how steemit works! I hope you can also make a post about spam! Cheers!

thank you for writing this short and clear article. best wishes to you


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thanks so much for the tip...read your article and you seem to have a faucet on your own..I've tried doing that before and it seems so exhausting because it takes a while for me to get a single penny. anyways..thanks for the information and most importantly the tip...

but i can not receive my 0.066 steem from earncrypto.com is it real? @earncrypto

This article was helpful. Thank you....gonna follow and upvote.

Great info for a newbie like me!

Thanks for the helpful tips. I did not realize you could earn so many ways. I have a question about watching videos. Is it only Dtube videos or youtube links as well? cheers

Very nice.well explained


Very nice baby. A ciaobaby! XD

thanks give for sbd ,i vote and follow you my lovely friend

thanks for your tip
followed and upvoted

I tried your surveys and they are crap.
It's said "you're not qualified here"
How sad!!

nice post thanks for sharing. gonna try some of this

Thank you, this was my first day on SteemIt, and your post was the first one to help me understand how SteemIt works!

Thank you @earncrypto for inviting me to this blog and sending SBD with the invitation. I already have an account in earn crypto website, I don't use it that much because in my country theres not much offers for surveys and other stuff. I also have accounts in other similar websites. I have a post about my experience with them. Thank you again and keep in touch.

Thanks for the info and currency. Great and fun site. Wishing you the biggest success #cryptosuccessOptimized-Stained_Logo.JPG

Very valuable information! Thank you so much for sharing with us~ I will check out the site!

Great post! I will take the advice. Thank you!

Great post, a lot of info for me as new member here,
Few hour's online and I like it more and more 😁😁😁 Follow me and upvote I will do same back 😘😘😘 https://steemit.com/@justynatina/

thank you for the info. being new is kinda like the first day of school you can cry all you want and your mom is sill going to leave you. Peace and love

I personally use AmazonTurk to make extra money to buy cryptocurrency. It is pretty good, but like here on Steemit, there are tricks to learn.

When first signing up, it may take some time to be approved, but they are very legitimate. I have made close to $200.00 and don't use it every day.

Thank you for making this post about how to earn Steem. Like anything, earning is about hard work not just luck! I look forward to seeing more posts about earning Steem. Have a great week!

Good info, earned you my following :-)

..thank you for the info..and for motivation..follow ..

send me some dollars Lol

Thank for the tip 💟💟

Guys follow me and upvote my post and get back same 💟

great information for some new like me @earncrypto - very valuable!

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thanks for the guidance

Thanks @earncrypto for sharing this information with us. I'm definitely looking into this right now. You are awesome for sharing this information.


U give a good tutorial. Thanks

Great trivia.. a big help for the new users and also for the people who do not know yet this steemit... thanks @earncrypto

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Follow you now and ty for Gift

Nice post to read for someone who's getting startet! Thanks!

Valuable information, thank you for sharing!

This looks promising. Kudos to such a supportive community!

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Very interesting. I see you have only 176 followers but aren't following anyone. You also have over 400 posts but only 1 shows up in your blog. By the way, thanks for this post. Very informative.


Aha, yes -- checking this user's Wallet shows a ton of transactions, and the account was created 9 days ago. It took me considerably longer to obtain that many followers, so it seems this is a superior method.

Copying the wallet text, pasting it into a text document, grepping the lines with "Transfer" in them, and then a slight manual massage (delete two "earned" lines, and also noticed that some of the sends were 0.002 SDB, although most were 0.001 SBD), and I see that this account had sent 0.001 SBD 551 times, and 0.002 SBD 24 times; totaling these, I get 0.551 plus 0.048, or 0.599 SBD which is generally the same as about sixty cents USD!

That's an amazing return for that number of followers. And, these number also show that the "click-through" rate seems greater than the 10% I estimated below! He sent to 551 + 24 = 575 people, and to date has gained 262 followers. That's about one in two, or 50%! (Actually, 47.5%.)

Not bad, congratulations @earncrypto! And also thanks for sharing the technique. :)


Hey a grep user, let's connect, I think it's a good idea!


Grepping leads to grokking! :)


Wait where I've heard that before? ;)


FYI, the "number of posts" is the sum of blog posts + comments, thus, the other "posts" were the comments.

I was sent 0.001 SBD by this user, which led me to this blog post (the note on the transaction was "Welcome to Steem @libertyteeth, check my blogs for more ways to earn Steem & SBD :)"). Since it's not following anyone else, it must have obtained its followers by sending money to them. I'm not sure what the "click-through" rate is here, but if 1 in 10 do so, then it would have cost 176 * 10 * 0.001 STEEM = $1.76 -- which sounds like money well spent!

I've purchased some business cards to hand out and leave on grocery store bulletin boards, and store counters (bought some clear trays as well), which is around a $50 investment so far; I gave details here: https://steemit.com/steemit/@libertyteeth/business-cards-for-steemit-to-increase-participation

I think that this account's method of gaining subscribers has some merit. I like mine because it brings more people to Steemit, rather than just adding existing users to my followers -- but, it seems more expensive as well.



Thanks I'm still learning ... Upvote & follow @lurehound


I'm new in this platform and i was looking to read a comment just like this, because no following users seems fake. But now I understand more about Steemit. Thanks.


You're welcome! I'm still learning as well. With sharing our differing perspectives, we will overcome the adversary! :)


very interesting! Now that instagram almost reached its saturation.. steemit is the way to go :)

  ·  3년 전

thank you @earncrypto , this is just what I needed! I appreciated it so much!

Thank you so much @earncrypto! for this valuable information that you had posted. This is really the way we steemit could help each other to grow. Hope that you will be posting more tip in near future.

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hi @earncrypto, i'm signed up to your website earncrypto and alot of the links are not working in order for me to earn. Please help!


Hey, I we work with a few Offer Wall companys that each work with 100s of advertisers. If no links are working, it could be an adblocker/VPN. If you contact us here with your username: https://www.earncrypto.com/contact.php we can start trouble shooting to figure out whats going on.

When you're logged in the homepage should also show all the offers other users are completing successfully.

Thanks so much for sharing!!

Thank you for this post! I was spending hours on the web, trying to look for better ways to earn here in Steemit, and found the answers by following you! Thank you for this post! Looking forward to more amazing content!

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gonna try it thanks

Very helpful post thank you

Very helpful post, i wasn't 100% sure how the upvotes worked, now i know! thanks!

Thanks for the advice @earncrypto! I will check out the site.. :)

Thank you! Ochenl useful information)

Amazing post Thanks for sharing @earncrypto
i am following you now you can follow me at

Awesome info...thank you so much! I have a better understanding now.

Usefully information.

I will try watching videos, and playing games, thx for the info!

Thank you very much for making my work easier in steem @earncrypto

Thank you for the advice! Already taking advantage of earncrypto.com since seeing this post

Very informative. I was unable to put it on my site. It would be helpful if I can get a copy. Thaks.

This is really good post for beginners.

Tnx for info :-)

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Your post was very usuful for me.
So I translated to Japanese.
Thanks for the good work!

Thanks @earncrypto this was useful stuff!

Thank you for such a useful information, great tips

Thanks for showing me this page. There's some good information here and it cleared up a few things I was wondering about. I have just done my first blog and worked out how to upvote and will try the website out. Cloud a blog really be worth thousands? Thanks Jake


Last month before the decline in cryptocurrency prices, the top posts on Steemit were doing $1,500+. Now they are doing around the hundreds.

Theres about $125,000 USD worth of Steem everyday being distributed to bloggers/curators.


oh wow, but why did it change so much? Already reeached saturation?

Some more information about how to get involved with downloading and testing apps, watching videos and performing tasks would be nice, rather than just stating they they can be done.

Thanks you for the info! This is useful for me as a newbie!

I joined under you right now. I'm glad it has engagemetv.

  ·  3년 전

This type of post help for newbie. We need More information. Thanks For your Information and also need Upvotes.

Thanks for sharing! Very good advices, i will try it!

Never knew of so many ways, buddy. Just I chanced upon your article and it is fantastic!!! Do share more ! Bookmarked it !

Thanks for your tips.. followed and upvoted

Thanks for this information @earncrypto, It would help me a lot. Looking forward for another tips. God will Bless you more.

Thanks so much for the welcome to Steemit! The tips here are very useful and I will be trying them in the near future.

Great article as a minnow it helps me to understand steemit better. Thanks alot .

I enjoyed your article @earncrypto I will check out your website for sure! I have two truly valuable offers that I have posted. I would love to get your opinion if you have a minute to look. Thanks again for the post!

Thank you for this guide. I'm still so new here and still fumbling my way around, so posts like this setting things out clearly really help.

great and informative post! going to put some of your tips to the test :)

Very interested, thanks!!!

Thank you. it looks basic, but aroun the plattform is not too clear for me ( a new user). Thanks again

good information

oh wow, this is awesome! Thank you! Tip! post

  ·  3년 전

Sorry, the tip is higher then your deposit.
You can check your balance by sending 0.001 SBD to @tipu with memo: balance
(the minimal tip is 0.1 SBD)


I've tried crypto spout to earn before and thought the surveys are tedious they do pay. They don't support steem sadly. In regards to upvoting yourself, I started doing that but then saw it insinuated that it was frowned upon so I stopped. Was I correct in this assumption? I'm new to social media so any pointers on good form would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your post and kind regards.

Thanks for this post! Very usefull for a newbee like me

Anyone here tried watching video for reward at https://www.earncrypto.com ?

Thanks for sharing! Interesting and helpful information, sure do have a lot to learn about all this.

so nice pls upvote my post and flow me and i will back

Very helpful post! Thanks

Thank you for sharing this wealth of information! I appreciate the tricks and tips you have provided.

Interesting. Thanks to this informative blog @earncrypo. I receive your 0.002 SBD . Thankyou so much

This is so useful! Thank you!

Some decent tips here, thanks!

Thank you for the intro. Very useful for new comers.

Some interesting facts, thanks for that, but at all I don't get new information from you blog. I have to agree with @rkrijgsman , the survey are bad and you don't get Crypto Currency.
But i like to estimate your hard work, so I will upvote it.


Which survey offer wall did you have issues with? We've added some new ones and will be removing the providers that people report having trouble with.

Also, thank you for the upvote!

  ·  3년 전

hi, could u help me how to withdraw the sbd?because i didn't know what is the steem memo.


Hey, if you are withdrawing to another Steemit account, you only need the account name.

If you are sending it to an exchange, you will always need a memo which the exchange will tell you.

You withdraw on the Wallet page, click your balance and select Transfer.

edit: If you are withdrawing from Earncrypto.com, you can leave memo blank and just fill in your Steemit Username part.


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thx...let me try

ok interesante

Can you receive something for upvoting your own posts or what do you mean by "Steem Powered Up will allow you to upvote yourself and others with higher amounts."? :)

Very informative and well summarized post. Thank you @earncrypto, I will definitely be checking out your website immediately after writing this

Thanks!! This was a huge help for me, since I'm new to this:)

Thanks for this @earncrypto. It is my first time to hear about earncypto.com and will definitely be trying it. 😉

Does anyone know where I can watch the videos for steem?

Thanks, it's helping

thank you so much for this post sir! very useful indeed for newbies like me. yeah, it's only at the beginning is the hardest! i'll continue to Steem-on! ;)

woow grt bro

Thanx. The info you posted is helpful for us newbies

thank you for the tips you send me, this is a good article you wrote. I hope to learn more from you

interesting and use post. will have to give it another read when I get home.

Thank you so much for this post! while I would not spend my time filling out monotonous surveys, I understand the legitimacy of your mentioning them. You are a treasured member of this community! Please keep doing what you're doing, I appreciate it brother.

Thank you, I appreciate the tip and tips :-)

Great Post. Up-Voted and Followed

Great work...Very valuable information! Thank you

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Great article, Thanks for the info! now I understand how this platform works :)

Thank you, very helpful.

Thanks for sharing, keep it up!

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Helpful, thanks!!!

none of the offer are available for my country why is it so?

Nice to meet you, @earncrypto Thanks for sharing this post, wish you good luck and a good start, ive send you a small tip and followed you, hope you have an amazing day! :)

Thanks for information.

I have earned my BTC from websites like this. I'm gonna try yours.

Thanks for the short and very concise read for this noob right here :)

I literally didn't have a clue about your fourth point so I'm really pleased you pointed that out! Cheers @earncrypto

terimakasih untuk 0,002 Dollarnya
mari saling berbagi dan mari saling melengkapi

thanks for the .002 Dollars @earncrypto
let's share and let's complement each other


i'm vote and following you friend

i remember you

Thank for sharing

you amazing person thank u @earncrypto

Valuable post. Thanks for sharing.

This was very helpful. Especially the http://earncrypto.com link. I have been trying to build STEEM and SBD and that website is the first offer that truly paid out. Thanks so much.

Very informative. Thanks for this. New steemian
here. 😊☺

this post upvote @omarfarukjafree can u plz upvote my post @omarfarukjafree

helpful information for us newbies! thanks a lot buddy, following you now!

thank you for the tips:)

Nice to see you here and thank you so much for voting my post! I already have account with EC and doing Data Entry. I found EC when I was googling free Ripple. 😊

already beyond the 30 mins and still got my upvote. Thank you for posting this one and will be helpful for newbies like me to know how I earn here on this site. Gathering a network the natural way just being yourself and setting aside the profitability mindset is certainly the normal way to earn in a rewarding social-networking site such as steemit. Keep it up and keep on inspiring people.

Great info. Thanks for sharing

Great tips @earncrypto i just upvote this post :-) follow back please

thank you for this wonderful guild

thanks @earncrypto. This is a big help for newbies like me. I still have a lot to learn about this site.
as for the tasks, I will try them one of these days. except for surveys. I have a high chance of getting dqed because of my geographical location. then again, I still might give it a try.
More Power.

Thanks for the tips!

Great post! I Upvoted and followed. Do the same and we can support one another.

Thank you for your contribution. I will follow you instruction.

on my way to earning big. thumbs up BOSS

@earncrypto I didn’t understand the watch videos and giving upvote to someone. Can you explain to me kindly?

Thank you.
It really helps me to understand as well as make me even more towards this job.

Huge thanks for inviting me to this blog and for sending me SBD with the invitation.
I find first 3 parts of the post super helpful and they are just the thing I was looking for.
I also wanted to resteem it, but don't see the button for it anywhere, unfortunately.
Huge thanks again.

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bài đăng rất hay cảm ơn bạn

I think there is no easy way to earn SBD or Steem. You need to spend real sweat and real effort. Even if you are orca or whales, without decent knowledge, you may not be able to earn from the Steem network.

This post was helpful..thank..be in touch...and keep updating new posts 😉



Oki doki, but I new and Idont¨know how to vote...would you like to sayd me please....???

Excellent post for those of us who just started in the Steemit community.

It´s important to know that it takes time to develop a business with steemit but that there are ways that facilitate growth. All possible help is important to us new steemians.


Awesome post,really gave me an insight of more ways to earn steem.

Thank you, well explained about when you've been paid.
All the best.

Thank you for this information!

Today u made a very interesting and informative information to all of us...
It's helps every steemitian to achieve his place on steemit.. because everyone on steemit have to importantly know about it , it's soo important information....

Interesting article

Your post is really helpfull to new steemians, thanks for the Information

Thank you @earncrypto for this great article! very Helpful!

I'm guessing the website you've recommended belongs to you? Would love to earn some steem dollars and no doubt the website seems exciting !! Thanks for the tips :-)

Very interesting information, thanks for sharing with us :D

Thank you, i resteemed

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