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So I'm doing this siding job covering up old stuff with new. They didn't like my idea of ripping the old off, repairing the underlayment and putting new on new. The problems you run into are things like this ->
What do you do to hide such an ugly mess?
Tell me I want to know.
I opted to cover it with a 1x2 of rough cedar so the new siding would butt up against new wood and the cracks between the two 1x4's would not show so bad. Besides it's all going to get caulked and re-caulked before the painter gets to it. Cauling can hide many sins.
No. I didnt take a pic of it because I didnt stop to think about it, so. Anyways. You can't fix stupid and it's pretty stupid to be doing what we're doing on this house but that's what the stupid homeowner wants, that's what they'll get.
I simply hate doing such shitty work because stupid people don't want to spend an extra dollar. It's ugly, I know, but what would you do?

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Ugh. Hubby runs into stuff like this all the time, even though he's in a different line of work (cable technician). Frustrating as hell.


Oooh don’t even get me started on all the bs that cable technicians have to put up with. People are demented. They complain if you are on the job too long (because you are trying to do the right thing) and they complain if their services don’t work after they make you leave because you are taking too long to do what needs to be done!


Sounds like you work with my husband, @im-mature - LOL!

Yep, unfortunately there's a lot of complainers out there. However I will say, hubby has been lucky to also have some awesome customers as well, and it definitely helps. I don't envy him working with the public - did it myself for a number of years, and... yeah... 😊

My suggestion is to do the right job at no additional cost. It’s an incredible waste of your time and resources (also I know nothing about the time or effort it would take so full disclosure, I am talking out of my ass) but you would walk away from the job feeling good about your work. Perhaps the owner would appreciate your efforts in some meaningful (monitory) way. Perhaps they would simply speak highly of your work ethic and other people would hire you and you could raise your rates to make up for all of the work you then have. Perhaps also the price of crypto will go through the moon and your mining rig and posts on Steam will make you rich!


Mhmm...yes. ... And monkeys will start flying out my ass any minute. It wouldn't be so bad if the Mrs of the house didn't drive up in a $100K car and the Mr a $90K truck, not to mention the $250K boat sitting in the front yard looking like it hasn't moved in years..... And the house itself is probaly near $900K... You can't tell me they don't have the money to do the job right. I suppose their tight ass has all those things because they pinch every penny and probably only own the property for winter usage. Still tho. Idiots. The good thing is I'm a magician at making ugly look good.