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That is very interesting! Thank @yuriks2000 !


No problem!


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Nice review, I have it on my iphone and get the best calls using this app, is better than whatsapp and Messenger for calls with audio or video, but the people can get best results on a Android phone using a unlock for screen


I have also experienced great audio quality during calls. Great advice about Android phones. I wonder why is that only possible on Android phones. Thank you for your useful comment @enriqueig!

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That is great, thanks!

Спасибо, попробуем!


Ок, тогда до встречи в Wow :)) Действительно интересный проект

great messenger to help each other.


Yes, benefit everyone because owners share revenue with users

Really awesome app and this is really amazing i use this app in my daily life routine.

Thaks to share post.


No problem! :)

looks good.will give it a try. thanks for sharing.


Cool, would be glad to see you on Wow!

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