HR Development Course Details Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It

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HR development courses are a great way for working professionals in the field and those who wish to shift careers to HR to gain a comprehensive understanding of the field, upskill and capacity build themselves for HRM leadership roles. Considering the centrality of HRM function in any organization to achieve its strategic goals, not having component leaders in HRM can pose immense challenges for the organization.
Now, let us look at the course details of the best HR course online in Dubai, the
Executive Development Program in Human Resource Management from XLRI Jamshedpur in association with SHRM
Mode: Online
This HR development course can be taken from anywhere across the globe as long as the participant has a computer and internet connection. No need to travel to the institute or relocate to its geographical location. Study from wherever you are and whenever you please.
Duration: 6-months
Course Fees: Rs. 107,500+ GST
About the Institute:
SHRM is the world’s largest HR membership organization and is dedicated towards the development and growth of human resource management discipline and domain.
XLRI Jamshedpur, one of the top management institutes in India, offers online professional courses in different specializations and disciplines. Its courses are designed to meet world-class academic standards and the pedagogical methods are carefully chosen to ensure effective delivery and comprehension.
HR professionals: Minimum 4 years of work experience
Non-HR managers: Minimum of 4 years of work experience and wish to shift career to HRM.
Course Content:
The course curriculum combines the academic expertise of XLRI with the industry expertise of SHRM. The course covers both behavioral and technical competencies and the entire content is based on SHRM’s Global Body of Competency and Knowledge.
It provides comprehensive, industry-oriented and in-depth theoretical knowledge and equips you with the latest skills and tools required to lead human resources to fulfilling the strategic goals of the organization. This HR course online prepares you for leadership roles in HRM and also aids you in preparing for the global certification exams.
Pedagogical Tools offered
This HR development course is offered through an advanced ed-tech platform that emulates classroom environment in the online space. The platform offers a set of hands-on pedagogical tools to ensure better comprehension, immersive learning and practical application of concepts learnt. These tools include live and interactive lectures, visual learning aids, gamification, analytics, digital library access, a mobile app, etc.
Networking opportunities and mentoring
Participants get auto-registered to SHRM India’s conferences. They get invaluable opportunities to attend special sessions organized by SHRM to interact with industry stalwarts and ample opportunities to network with the experienced set of peers to enhance their perspectives and grow.
Enroll yourself in this HR development course today!

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