Freedom-loving hryvnia enters the crypto world

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Araneobit continues to introduce it’s clients with the monetary systems of the countries, in which is planned to open offices of the company. In this review, we offer you to meet the Ukraine, a country where freedom is valued more then money. Well, or almost more.

Ukraine has always sought to be independent. There was (and there is) Grad Kiev, which gave rise to Kievan Rus, and Cossack Zaporizhzhya Sich, and super state Rech Pospolitaya and the Russian Empire. In the 20th century, Ukraine received a real independence and the opportunity to manage their own destiny.
Today, Ukraine is known for its embroidery, political processes, humorous population and hryvnia – this is the name of the local currency. Her story is worthy of special mention.

Hryvnia: from hair ornament to coin

The word "hryvnia "comes from Sanskrit griiv'a, which means" nape "and is very similar in pronunciation with the word"hryvnia". And really, the Ukrainian women wore gold hryvnias which were used as way of payment when their husband had no money.

In 9-10 centuries, the hryvnia was not only currency unit , but also the weight unit . So, a silver hryvnia weighed about 204 gr , and was equal to 4 kunas – 51gr. Kuna is a weight and currency unit , as well as the name of the coins ,used in Russia in the X—XV centuries. By the way, the hryvnia was cut into small segments, in russian used verb rubit , from which the word «ruble» comes .
The cost of hryvnia varied ,which perplex peasantry a lot,cause they had to pay taxes to noblemen. First, hryvnia was equal to two, then three, then ten cents.

During the Civil war of 1917 -1922 on the territory of Ukraine was walking carbovanets - that's how it sounds "ruble" in the Ukrainian translation. Incidentally, in the Soviet Union, the ruble, used in the USSR, too, were called karbovanets.

The hryvnia appeared again after 1991 and became the only settlement facility on the territory of gained independence Ukraine.

The hryvnia moves only upwards

At the beginning of the introduction of the hryvnia, its rate was at 1.76 per dollar. However, by 2015, it amounted to 25 hryvnia per dollar. Such a drop in the cost of the population took without any enthusiasm.

However the Ukrainian people, as well as any other slavanians, are known for the enterprising nature. It is widely known that there were frequent cases when residents of neighboring countries earned a lot of money on currency differences. For example, Belarussians bought hryvnia from themselves, then went to Ukraine and received a significant profit on the difference.

From the bills to the owner of the hryvnia gaze famous figures of Ukrainian history. However, the history of Ukraine is happening at a rapid pace right now, and it is possible that soon it will be new different faces on hryvnia.

How to transfer money to Ukraine and backwards ?

You can exchange hryvnia in Ukraine and abroad in the branches of the Bank - this is the most reliable and secure way. The rate sets the national Bank, but the small difference depends on the policy of a particular Bank.

You can buy Ukrainian currency on the black market. However, you can got into real trouble: fake currency sell very often. And the rate on the black market can be higher than the official.

If you'll come to Ukraine and hear that all big purchases Ukrainians used to count in dollars - don’t be surprised. It is cause of financial instability, that hails the country after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

To exchange the apartment for cryptocurrency ? For a real Ukrainian it is simple !

The state in the face of the national Bank doesn’t hurry to recognize the cryptocurrency as real money. The government even warns about the risks of fraud, but we know that this is a breakthrough technology that makes the life of an ordinary person much easier.

However, ordinary Ukrainians do not always trust the state: they prefer to act independently. As it was done at the end of 2017 by entrepreneur mark Ginzburg, who exchanged his apartment in the center of Kiev for Ethereal.

Araneobit was impressed by such actions and plans to open its office in Ukraine. We want to offer the Ukrainians a comfortable work with the digital currencies. We believe that there are all prerequisites for this!

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