Huawei Continue Harmony OS Campaign

3개월 전

Huawei continue their path to roll out harmony OS as an all-encompassing suite for all their tech and are constantly campaigning for user adoption. Users and developers alike are enticed to enter the Huawei ecosystem and perhaps once released out worldwide, new international devices may come shipped with the operating system stock. Current user count is fast approaching the 100 Million mark and most users in China have immediate access to the new system as an update or on new items.

After playing with Harmony OS some, my first impressions were positive. It felt fluid and responsive but it has some way to go in terms of developer support and international releases before it feels like a potential option to jump on to from android. Security and app frameworks will have to come some way and true indication of an international audience will come in due time. Huawei continue to push their Harmony OS across devices, including wearables, phones, tablets and more. I’ve also seen various electronic vehicle models powered by Harmony OS. For now, it’s best to watch how Harmony OS grows and whether it has resilience and continued support.


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