Hulu basically killed my favourite show (The Orville)

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I now have another reason to hate Hulu. The idea that Hulu would preemptively decide that there will be no fourth season of The Orville before we get to see the third; and, after the third is probably already in the can, is simply gutless.

The Orville had been my only reason to tune into network television for two years. There was hope that Hulu could expand an already deeply successful show. I still hope that season three, if it really is the end, manages to show the world what we're losing.

The Orville has been Star Trekking better than Star Trek. Well, TOS got cut short too.

I hope that The Orville will find a new home. If not, it will leave a hell of a legacy who people who know how to think.

By the time Identity parts 1&2 hit, that show became one of the bravest and most thought provoking on network television. Even in season one, About a Girl was a brilliant episode. I just think that people were taken off guard by the drama.

The way it was marketed, along with McFarlane's reputation, even left me thinking that it would be like Spaceballs or Family Guy in space.

Now, by About a Girl, it became clear that McFarlane really meant this to be a love note to Star Trek. I legitimately cried at the end of that episode. Identity simply hammered it home that The Orville isn't a comedy show. Isaac's arc is something that we've never seen from a main character in a Trek series.

I think it says a lot that McFarlane has written a lot of Orville episodes and almost nothing for Family Guy or American Dad.

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