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Hello friends, today I want to consider a very useful project for society in the review. Now cryptocurrencies are still looking for their place in the modern world and there are quite a lot of fraudulent or just useless companies that set themselves goals to cash in on new technologies and do not carry any semantic and payload. I have always said that decentralization is the technology of the future, which is able to bring many useful functions and solve global problems. And today I want to tell just about such a company, which is able to bring a lot of positive things to our world and help many people.

So, Humancoin is a new cryptocurrency based on e-commerce and performing a very important intermediary function between philanthropists (people involved in charity) and the needy. Philanthropy is a very large market with its own rules of the game, estimated at $ 750 billion, and Humancoin has every chance of becoming a guide to a more honest and convenient redistribution of funds.

To date, the main problem in the redistribution of funds is distrust of various funds and services to intermediaries in charity. There is no certainty that the money will reach on time and in full, and the intermediaries also take large percentages for carrying out transactions. With Humancoin, these problems will not be, since everything will be built on decentralization and the use of its own smart contract.

It is transparency, speed and optimization, coupled with other bonuses will give an additional impetus to the development of this sphere and will make our world even better. There will be plenty of opportunities for philanthropists to track their donations, up to receiving checks for each amount. To be objective, I want to consider the main advantages and disadvantages of Humancoin and express my opinion on the choice of this company:

  • firstly, the very idea and implementation of the project is very interesting - there has not yet been a similar project created by professionals, and if the team does everything planned, this will be a breakthrough;
  • the team is quite extensive and multifaceted - many advisors from various areas who can really push the project very far;
  • many partnership agreements have already been concluded, among which are bancor and nasdaq;
  • a softcap has been assembled which amounts to nearly 6,000,000 dollars and this is taking into account such a market when the best ICO somehow collect the minimum amounts;
  • it is stated that MVP is ready, but everything is not so simple here, because instead of a working product, we are shown only a photo without any references, which in turn suggests various thoughts about whether they will actually have time to launch the prototype without shifting the roadmap;
  • There are a lot of positive reviews about Humancoin on various rating sites, I would even say a lot. Soon the ICObench website, there are more than 60 reviews, which is a kind of record and at the same time an additional reason to look at this company.

The system will be as easy to use as possible. To get started, you will need to register in the application as a philanthropist or as a recipient of charity. For the benefactor, after registration, you will need to replenish your wallet and select a project for funding from the Humancoin pool or from your source. After payment, you can instantly track transactions and get bonuses from the Humancoin fund. For the recipient after registration it will be necessary to fill in the necessary forms and create a wallet - everything is elementary.

Also, as you understand, the HUMA token will be used for the operation of the entire system - it will tie up the entire operation of the system and users who receive this token for long-term storage will receive a lot of different bonuses waiting for optimal opportunities in loyalty programs. This token can be easily converted into various points. bonuses, coupons, which allows it to be used in all existing systems, without changing their working principle, but only complementing and improving the overall system.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the Humancoin project is very interesting for both investors and philanthropists with various organizations. There is every chance to assume that with the full launch of the platform in 2019, we will see a really useful and workable product. And if everything goes according to the plan, the holders will be able to significantly improve their financial situation, but I repeat that this is not a recommendation to purchase this token, but the author’s own opinion, which views this platform from all sides.

Humancoin - HUMA token compatible with ERC20 ETH

 1 HUMA = 0.01 USD

Soft cap - 6,000,000 USD

Hard cap - 26,000,000 USD

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This publication is informational. The article should not be considered as investment advice or advice. Readers of this review should make decisions based on their own judgment, taking into account financial circumstances, investment objectives and the risk limit before investing.
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I was very interested in the project. Quite an interesting idea - to combine charity and finance on the blockchain. The project has every chance of success.

Good idea, I am sure that the project will succeed and find a place in the sun in the cryptomir, the only desire of the team to develop a project on a large scale.