The Rarest in the World, Are You an INFJ Human?

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Do you often feel yourself different and alienated from relationships? You are introverted but your friends say that you are very sensitive to human feelings? If all of your answers are "yes", you may have an INFJ personality and need to be preserved.

The Elect

INFJ ( Introverted , iNtuitor , Feeler , Judger ) is one of 16 personality types formulated in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). MBTI was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers since 1940.

The INFJ personality is the rarest in the world. It is estimated that only 1% of the total male population has it, 2% of all women.

This proves that " the chosen ones " do exist.

The INFJ type indicates a person who likes to spend time pondering ( introverted ), prefers concepts and ideas rather than facts and details ( intuitive ), makes decisions based on feelings (feelings), and tends to plan rather than being spontaneous and flexible ( judging ).

People with the INFJ type have at least one of these hobbies: writing, visiting art galleries or museums, attending cultural events, reading, listening to music, watching historical dramas or films.

Born for counseling

Human-oriented and sensitive to feelings are characteristic of people with INFJ personalities.

They can understand your feelings before you can even describe them.

Supported by good intuition, they are gifted at helping someone find solutions to his personal problems.

Therefore, people with INFJ personalities tend to have careers as counselors, teachers, psychologists, therapists, spiritual guides or priests. Not surprisingly, this personality type is often nicknamed "Counselor" or "Counselor".

Some famous figures who are allegedly INFJ personality are: Carl Jung, Eleanor Roosevelt, Florence Nightingale, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Jimmy Carter, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King.

Regarding the introvert, they are quite selective in opening up to others. Even if they open their voices, they don't like small talk and avoid talking about topics that are not important.

Potential to Become an Effective Leader

Behind the introverted attitude, people with INFJ personalities are actually deep-thinkers who secretly weigh in many aspects of a problem.

If given the opportunity, they have the potential to become effective leaders. Because, they tend to take decisions for the best results for all involved.

Their integrity is not doubted because they are not oriented towards wealth and fame.

While others measure success by income, people with INFJ personalities are happy if they can help others fulfill their calling.

In addition, people with INFJ personalities believe that all humans are equal before God

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