Eight people raped and killed pregnant goats ....

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Eight people raped and killed pregnant goats ....

Eight people raped a pregnant woman. The seven-year-old pregnant goat has finally died in brutal torture. Khabar: The Hindustan Times. This ruthless incident happened in the village of Maroda in the Indian state of Haryana on July 25thAccording to villagers, the goat is the pet of a person named Aslu Khan. In the darkness of the night, eight people, accused of stealing the goat, in a deserted place, ruthlessly rape. In the meantime, Aslu came to the spot and found three people caught in hand. After the incident, the villagers of Katra were killed before they came home. After the incident, villagers confessed to their crimes when they arrested the eight accused. The local Nagina police outpost SI Rajbir Singh said that the owner of the deceased goat has complained of torture on the cattle in front of eight people. According to the local veterinary doctor, Ramvir Bhardawaj, in the post-mortem report, goat was killed due to brutal torture.

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