Always, never... I hardly use theses words... Why?


I have this really ambivalent relationship to words...

On one side, I love words, I know they are powerful. One word can break things, another can have deep healing power.

On the other side... People use them without care, or awareness. Words can be easy, acts not as much.

I have trust issues, I don't believe words from the get-go. When someone uses ALWAYS or NEVER... I know that even when they believe what they are saying, reality will catch up and invalidate this statement most of the time.
So I wait, I take things with a pinch of salt.

Waiting... Such a good thing to practice for a Projector.
It's not that I think they lie to me... It's more often that they lie to themself, or don't have the awareness.

Not judging, just observing. We all are only human... We are all living with conditioning, gathering up wounds and scars along the way. We do what we can usually.

Acts tell a lot. Patterns over time even more.

Something done once is an accident, something done over and over, a voluntary choice made many times is no accident, it's the truth coming out, despite what you want to believe yourself.

Our understanding of the other shows up.

Priorities are showing up through every choice we make. Tomorrow is born from today's decisions. They just add up, taking you closer or further from what you want, what officially/supposedly matters to you.

I have no clue with gate or part of my design is linked to this pattern observing and linking... but it's rather painful at time.
Hearing people's words, seeing how incongruent with their behavior and choices they are...

and I have the 43/23, so I know I can't tell them what I see... because they won't hear it till it's ripe.
I'd be the one that is delusional.

So I wait. I can only hope for things to clear out and the words to be ripe for me to share...
thank you Steemit to let me let steam out of this mental projector's mind...

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I may have only read a couple so far, but I’m enjoying these reflections from the framework of another’s design... 😇


thank you for reading and commenting.<3

Sorry I'm late replying, I don't get the notifications...