Anyone heard of the Human Design?

7개월 전

Human Design. I have stumbled on it a few times and thought that was bonkers and complicated.

The last few weeks, I have been stumbling again on it, but through people who have made it easy to understand, both the general concept and what it means to me. It's been quite a ride I have to admit.

I'm a Projector and looking back on my biggest successes, it totally makes sense and is totally aligned with my Human Design profile.
This is feeling so good and I feel like my lungs have more room for oxygen, I'm more grounded, my cravings for the last few months make more sense.

I'm really curious to know more about it, so if you have more resources, please send them my way <3

Have a gorgeous Saturday, I'm all about having a date with myself today.

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You can read my posts or follow my social media, because all I talk about is Human Design!! Hahaha


I follow you here and on Insta :) I'm @ rightbraingeek on Insta :)


Cool, I followed you back. I also saw and like some of your posting in FB too.