Meditation... Being a Projector and being your own boss.


I feel better when I meditate regularly. I can't do the "empty your mind" ones. but I love the ones who focus on body awareness.

Once out of the habit though, boy is it hard to get back into. You know you need it but you keep remembering about it at the worst time.

Sunday, I managed to carve time before breakfast and ideas came rushing in.

I was excited and pumped all day with ALL THE IDEAS. Clarity! Things clicking into place.

It was bliss.

I soundboarded more, sent voicenotes to people who will be part of my idea... I started to share my discovery and idea.

It's a tricky thing to have an entrepreneurial DNA as a projector. So much you want to do and then without an invitation... it can be all just bitterness at the end.

This time, it smells of success because the idea came from a picture of a location. Some times it feels like my Mental Projector authority is some sort of compass, only showing me the North through a visual pull, a sense of knowing I need to go that way...

6months in my experiment, it's far too early to say if it's mind's or authority talking...
MP's have a hard time with their authority... It's been called "no authority", soundboarding, environmental authority... Not much has been written/told about it.

A few MP feel like me, getting information from places that brings them to success... (hence the "environmental" name in certain circles)

I have AJNA and THROAT defined so maybe my AJNA is AWARENESS on steroid, and guide me, without being the Mind everyone in HD says we should be weary of...

I'll keep you posted as I try and test this... It will happen next fall.
Logging and journaling all of this for memory.

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