Stopping the busy-ness, accepting all the feels, showing vulnerable.


It's been a challenging few days, lots of emotions coming up as I need to make new decisions.
I am usually good at sitting with my emotions, embracing them without giving them too much weight.
Last Friday, a few things tipped me over and instead of sitting with my emotions, facing the core of them, befriending them to let them go, I resisted. I went into busy-ness, avoiding what I knew would help: slowing down, sitting in silence, facing it all.

and that never goes well. Resisting steer you away from what's needed. It is only numbing you out badly and makes the problem go bigger. You go in your head (and for people in Human Design, yes open head sooo. That can go far). You complicate things. That puts the panic mode ON.

I am so very grateful I happen to help a friend with a techy detail and he straight away seen me and what was happening.
With gentle and firm guidance, he made me sit with it and got me back to the calm shores.

Being still is often the way forward.

Being able to talk things out and using my strategy as a Projector is super hard. I'm a really private person, hates to disturb people's peace. so Sounboarding is a difficult process.
So grateful for friends who gets me, old and new.

Hope your week is starting as beautifully as mine.

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