What Happened To THE CODE…

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"Being human is a given. But keeping our humanity is a choice."


Whether we like it or not, we all live by a code.., a code we accept upon entering this world -- our birth. As time goes by, each time we stray from this code.., we lose a piece of ourselves -- our better selves, the self we were before taking this physical body -- some call it the soul.., but you can call it whatever you want… It is that part of all of us that has lived before.., and the one that will go on long after the face that stares back at you in the mirror no longer exists…

Some say.., we didn't choose to be born -- others believe we were granted the privilege to take this human form, in an effort to become enlightened, consciously.., so that we never have to return to this place of greed, cruelty and death. That if somehow we rise above all that temptation, we will transcend to a place of pure bliss -- even better from that, which we came…

I myself, like to believe the latter -- that we did, on some level, choose to be here… That somewhere, out there in the ether, we made what we consider, a conscious decision.., to experience this human form and all the joys and pains that go along with it -- that all the suffering we witness or go through ourselves.., is not in vain -- that this "thing" we call life is not just some weird experiment that ends at our death -- that there is some sort of rhyme or reason for it all…

But we mere mortals have a special talent for rationalizing, accepting and fucking up.., just about anything -- from endless war, unquenchable greed.., and as of late -- separating young children from their parents, as if they were criminals that needed to be punished. We lie, cheat, steal, rape the planet that so graciously lets us call it home.., and chalk it all up to "human nature." Somehow we have convinced ourselves that HUMAN NATURE is inherently evil -- in an effort do not "do the right thing --" abide by that code we all accepted as our entrance fee to this world.

Some turn to religion, science, intellectualism -- whatever floats your boat.., but if you are walking this planet you might as well have signed on the dotted line, just like any contract. But make no mistake.., whether it is The Devil and God, Good or Evil -- there are people out there that will try and blur the lines, twist this "code" to suit their own purpose.., and in doing so, make you question your very existence. Some say, the greatest trick the Devil ever played, was convincing people he ever existed (and the word Devil can take whatever form you believe).., but we make choices, a lot of choices everyday -- good or bad, right or wrong.., all of us make those choices, ourselves.


HAPPY ENDINGS (not that kind.., get your mind out of the gutter)

In one way or another everyone is searching, hoping.., and working for their happy ending… Whatever that means -- it used to mean, at least here in the good ole' US of A.., the house in the suburbs with the white picket fence, good marriage and 2.5 children… And even though that may have changed here in the States and abroad to take on new meanings -- maybe a penthouse in the sky, traveling the world or maybe a brand new lambo (lamborghini)… Things change.., and that's okay -- but what hasn't changed is people still believe in happy endings.

But unfortunately, like the myth of happy endings.., much of America and other successful developed nations are quickly (or have already become) a myth too -- some might even call the spreading of that myth -- propaganda… We've always been told people come to America because there are more opportunities than in their own county of origin.., and that may be true for many places -- but what was once the "land of opportunity..," slowly over time, has morphed into the land of the opportunist.

Just like our "great" system of capitalism has been perverted.., so that only the few, the very few can actually capitalize on it, while the masses struggle just to meet their monthly nut -- to put food on the table or keep a roof over head… Nearly two-thirds of Americans can't afford to cover a $500 unexpected expense without going into debt for something as simple as a car repair -- God forbid you need medical attention without health insurance you're screwed, even with the present state of health coverage chances are your detectible wouldn't cover it even if you did have coverage (screwed again).

Sure there are exceptions, people rising to the top against all odds.., but they are just that -- exceptions. And while the number of these exceptions continue to shrink, there are other numbers that are on the rise -- numbers like homelessness and yes, even suicide… Just recently the world was shocked to learn of the suicide of two prominent people, people that on the outside seemed to achieved their happy ending -- a highly successful designer (Kate Spade) and a much loved writer/TV personality/cook (Anthony Bourdain).

And while we will never know why these two successful, famous and Im sure pretty wealthy people chose to take their own lives -- many of us have chalked it up to some mental disorder, most likely depression.., another statistic that has sky-rocketed -- just ask all those wealthy executives at Big Pharma.., who many refer to as the worst kind of opportunist, by taking advantage of someones mental state just so they can prosper.

We see this kind of malicious opportunism all over the place.., from the housing sector (anyone remember the housing crisis of 2008) that destroyed countless individuals and families all just in search of their happy ending, only to be lied to and taken advantage of, so the few at the top could prosper. And when it came time to bail people out, who got bailed out -- the few at the top -- the opportunist.

And yes, we see this kind of blatant opportunism at even the highest levels of government that wage war on countries in the name of "national security" only to realize after all the needless dead are counted that what was sold to it's people as a 3 week war, turned into an endless war on "terror" because of all the money to be made -- billions of dollars in no-bid defense contracts handed out to the entitled few… War , as horrible as it is, at one point was very good for the economy, of the winning side of course, evolved into a handful of well connected opportunists making ridiculous amounts of money, while peoples lives on both sides of the conflict are forever changed for the worst.

We have moved so far away from ANY code we all once lived by.., that it is hard to remember what that code even was, anymore… And the further and further we move away from it.., the further we move away from the "real" reason we are on this planet. We replaced our true purpose with things, justifications and rationalizations… Oh yeah.., I guess I should mention, that CODE Im talking about, it's called -- HUMANITY!

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Whether in poetry or thoughts you have a beautiful way with words! Thank you.


Ah.., what a nice thing to say.., and even nicer to hear. You just put a smile on face. Thanks @whatsup -- :))


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Wow great write-up. Loved it a lot.

And while we will never know why these two successful, famous and Im sure pretty wealthy people chose to take their own lives -- many of us have chalked it up to some mental disorder, most likely depression.

We are living now in totally genetically modify ed DNA systems so our original code is surely missing and no more organic code exists.


Thanks @vishalhkothari.., I appreciate it. I also appreciate the comment, very human of you -- :))
I get that are minds have been tampered with all the tech that has replaced human contact and interaction.., our bodies with so many chemicals that is is hard to call so much of what we eat, even food.., and our souls beaten into submission with new atrocities, everyday... But surely, there must a tiny piece of us that exists outside our physical form that still hols on to some hope for humanity... Thanks again -- Cheers!


Yeah indeed. Cheers!!!

I myself, like to believe the latter -- that we did, on some level, choose to be here…

..that's just a little too masochistic, (imo), to be true!

Just recently the world was shocked to learn of the suicide of two prominent people,

...sorry to sound pedantic - but suicides...? (did you know there have been another 9 'suicides' by this same method - who were all connected to child abuse and/or the Clinton's?...just pointing it out, is all.)

Technology has created a disconnect with nature, and that is the fundamental problem, I think.
The most grounded, nicest, people I know are those that are in connection with the land.
(Working it, not some 'intellectual exercise'.)

Even living in nature gives you a 'sense of peace' not offered in any other way (that I have encountered).

The further we move away from the basics of nature, the more everything gets twisted from 'reality'...

Nice post, sir.


No doubt being out in nature can help, not only connect us to this earth.., but to our true selves.

Hey @macksby. Thanks for sharing. I replied (in more detail) here: https://peakd.com/humanity/@macksby/what-happened-to-the-code