Stories from the conflict really get me.

2개월 전


Totally regular citizens there having their homes and families blown apart for no reason while here we sit on patios and gripe about the food etc... Not an original thought at all and not one I have great ideas what to do about... But sometimes the dissonance of it gets me.

On one level there are always situations like Ukraine. We all live in our own worlds gulfs apart

Anyway I always end up in the same place: it's OK (healthy even) to be upset some of the time; and OK to get on with our sheltered lives most of the time. But nudges me to spend more time helping out where I can. On this particular issue I happen to think politically supporting military aid for the Ukrainians is the single most impactful thing we can do. But we don't all have to help Ukraine. We each find our own problems to chip in on.

Anyway heart goes out to Anastasiia and so many others right now.

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