Florida Lawmaker Wants To Decriminalize Cannabis

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Cannabis is legal in Florida for strict medicinal purposes today, but still remains illegal for recreational use and there are still people who are being arrested and placed behind bars over their victimless crimes involving cannabis in the state.

That might soon change though. One lawmaker from Florida has recently filed a bill that's seeking to decriminalize cannabis in the region.

If successfully passed, the new bill would decriminalize possession for certain amounts of cannabis in the state. It's already been filed for the upcoming 2020 legislative session which begins next year.

They are seeking to reduce penalties for those caught with 20 grams or less, as well as any products with 600 milligrams of THC or less. It would also seek to make changes by offering juveniles who have been arrested, the opportunity for pre-arrest diversion programs.

Being arrested for a victimless crime like cannabis possession or cannabis trafficking etc, is an experience that can change someone's life by bringing incredible financial pressure and unexpected hardship upon them. Those who are victims of this have seen firsthand how it can negatively impact their ability to get a job, find housing, and so on.

There are more than 10 states that have decriminalized cannabis, including regions like Mississippi, New Mexico, Minnesota, and others.

Some regions might not want to move fully ahead with legalization just yet, fearing that it would make cannabis too accessible and destroy communities as a result. That's why they've opted for decriminalization. There are however, a number of states that have fully legalized and they include places like Washington, Colorado, Alaska, Maine, California, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, and Vermont.

Though there is this current effort to decriminalize cannabis to a certain extent in the region, some suspect that it might not be that long before Florida joins the list of states that have sought to establish their own legal market. A promise of legalization might sound like it means more freedom, but a free market is not a highly controlled market, and the rules that are established are arguably more about control than they are about supporting liberty.


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That thumbnail very accurately symbolizes the accessibility to cannabis Canadians now have after "legalisation".


aint that the truth 😆

Politicians and the people in power don't want a free-market... control the market, control the money, it's as easy as that, and let's be honest, cannabis will probably be one of the top markets in the world as soon as things start to pickup and the flow of money inside it will be HUGE!

@doitvoluntarily, If something have bright side then it should be taken into the consideration. But, unfortunately no aspect is free from the Domination. Stay blessed.

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