The Disgusting Rape Culture!

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I am very dishearten to bring this topic here but it was kind of necessary, Recently a rape case was registered where 4 Men brutally Rapped a girl and then Burnt her alive till her last breath. which was horrific and gave chills to the entire nation and every person who heard about it.
I am literally devastated because of this, there are literally many incidents being happening all around India and probably every nation in this world. When can our daughters, sisters, mothers, girlfriend, friends can feel safe walking around alone?

Every such case goes through a long judiciary and the accused doesn't gets the deserving punishment for their crime. Like what could be deserving punishment for them which could set as an example and such people should think twice before committing such horrific crime. I guess immediate death sentence?

Ok, we all do candle march for the victim and them wait for all the legal procedure for the accused to take place and give justice to poor victim. But this time something amazing happened. Telangana police encounter of 4 accused men on the same spot at which those men committed that brutal crime. We all have seen that in movies but it was such a great news , that everybody celebrated the police and were happy for the instant justice.

Why the police needed to do that fake encounter? why is our legal system not that strong enough? But till the time the court doesn't serve such immediate and deserved justice I would like the police serving justice in such a manner. I am very happy. but sad at the same time for such victims. It indeed is scary that such monsters live in our society freely.

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I would love to spread a message that educate our boys from school itself about the sex education and those basic manners and teaching them to respect ladies and make love only after permission of the other person involved weather both are married or not. As martial rapes are untold truth of the society too. and this rape culture should be abolished entirely.
Please spread the word, and make awareness about such a severe issue!

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Always breaks my heart to see how women seem dont have value in certain countries

Rape news from India always too horrible to even imagine 💔


It is such a shame. I genuinely feel bad.

That is so bad. I as a girl feel so unsafe walking down the street alone weather it is daytime or night time. There should be very very very strict laws and police patrolling at every seriously every place. just get more and more people employed as police as there are many educated unemployed person sitting here get them into work. do something to make us feel safe. for real!
You bought such a good subject into limelight. I appreciate you on this.


That is such a great point of appointing more police personnel and bringing on strict laws and a fastrack court too.
Thank you @sahiba-rana for your attention . I wish you a safe life.

Seriously That case was devastating. People needs to be vigilant and the laws needs to be strict!


Exactly my point.

Such a bothering subject! You are right, that message needs to be spread, I will surely do that through my end. anything for women's safety!
Gonna follow you for this.


Thanks buddy!

I agree that's a nasty culture.