The Neo-Steemian's Secret to Writing Posts that Will Boost Reputation, Popularity, and Profits! {-} New Series {-} Introduction {-} Part 2

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Today we're going to do a FILL IN THE BLANK!

Oh boy....I have been busy scouring the internet for advice on how to captivate your attention, and how to provide you with quality content that will compell (compel?) you to upvote, comment, resteem and love me. (One L or two? Not sure and too lazy to look it up.)

1. Grab attention. (How??)

2. Write quality content. (What's 'quality' mean?)

Which comes first? It's like the chicken and the egg puzzle, man!

Do I first write a "quality" post, then expect your attention to be 'grabbed'?

Or, do I 'grab' you first, then give you something of 'quality'?

Well, I guess it depends on what you like: being grabbed vs something worth reading. (I don't know about you but, somehow my mind just went straight to Trump!)

Personally, I like both. (Some conditions apply - like, for example, a pre-approved safe word.)

Come on, I know that made you laugh.

Anyway....forgive me...for example, take my wife....please!

She's a natural. She has the gift of gab out there in the real world. People listen to her when she talks.

I'm not sure why but I think it has something to do with humour (humor?).

She's funny as hell. I think she missed her calling in life. She should have been a comedian instead of a boss.

Or, come to think of it...maybe people listen to her because she's a boss??

Bosses are not supposed to be funny, much less are they supposed to grab you (I'm Canadian, so there's a 'u' in 'humour'. Why? No idea except maybe it's just to mess with the minds of my American neighbours (there's another 'u' - the proper spelling.)

I apologize for my behaviour (yes there's another 'u' there). I'm sorry...I just came in from sweeping my driveway, I must have swallowed about a sandwhich-bag-full of dust.

Which explains why this post is...full of...dust.

Alrighty IN THE BLANK!

Answer in the comment section with only ONE WORD.


Here we go:

My favourite famous Canadian comedian is ________________? (I'll ask you why!)

As always, thanks for your support!

Oh, er, wait a minute...I was supposed to talk to you about writing posts that will boost your reputation, popularity, and profits....



rEaD mY bOoK! Cracks in the Walls of the Watchtower

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I don't know who your favorite Canadian actor is! Put that in your pipe and toke it😉...


Not my favourite comedian as in mine; but your favourite as in yours! It's a question for you; not a question about me. Maybe I should lay off the hookah pen when I'm writing shit down, lol....I get things all bassackwards! Sheesh....


Oh dude i was tired i read it wrong probably!


I understand. We all need to get some sleep! LOL

😂 this post had me cracking up😂 Now I'm thinking maybe I should start using the 'u's and 'o' within the same articles just to frustrate people even more😂 Cheers for the laugh


Yes,this series is intended as humour. I'm glad you found it funny. Thanks for the comment and upvote!