Never Let Your Present Situation Control Your Mood


Hello Guys.
I'm sorry but I have to say this, you are the reason for your burden.
Take me for example, there's something I have to do, but because I'm not so sure how to go about it I've been keeping a weird mood, just shouting at everyone around me... So I sat down and thought of it, will this actually put an end to my confused situation, it's only worsening it, why do I have to be like this.... I should be the controller of my mood not my mood controlling me. What if I die today, will I still be able to do what I want to do next tomorrow? No! Me not being able to do it doesn't change anything, doesn't mean I'll die...
This should be a lesson to everyone going through this... Let's keep a good mood. We have a short time in life, let's enjoy it while we can and stop giving ourselves unnecessary worries...

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for my next video.

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Word up brother.
We take control of our life and we must not let our life control us.

Bang on!

I always found if I was in a bad mood, I was passively focussing upon my problems. When I switched to thinking about the solutions, my mood got better and I started working on making things better.

Great advice!