Who Want's To Be A Down Voter (11.30.16)#1

3년 전

Because why not.... The top 5 downvoters for yesterday. Each gets a meme in your honor.


@anyx - they start off the pack with 7 down votes.


@thecurator - same as #5 eh... may be some teamwork at play here with 7 flags


@steemcleaners - cleaned more then its creator with 8 flags.  


@adm - Higher powered puncher with 14 flags, look the hell out if its coming your way!


@nc-mgtow - with 24 flags! 

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its fun place. dont put money in.. all is well

  ·  3년 전

Can i flag your post :D ! |>

I'm glad I discovered you, and I'm glad you're here; keep posting!