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HUNT Whitepaper v4.0 Update

Due to the HUNT Network strategy shift and recent token burning model, we have updated the outdated whitepaper to version 4.0. The updated sections are as below:

1. Current project update

  • Reviewhunt → Nomadtask rebranding
  • Current stats for Steemhunt and Nomadtask

2. Cancellation of the Steemhunt SMT token swap plan

  • 3-2. Steemhunt (STH) Token → chapter removed
  • 4-2. Steemhunt token (STH) swap → chapter removed

3. HUNT Burning System update

  • 3-2. HUNT Burning Mechanism → chapter added
    1. Token Distribution → chapter updated

4. new project

  • 2-4. → chapter added
  • 3-2-2. Burning Model → chapter added
  • 5-2. Roadmap → Launch of the beta version of added

Please see the updated whitepaper here at

New project -

“If you aren’t thinking about owning a stock for 10 years, don’t even think about owning it for 10 minutes.” - Warren Buffett

While many people only remember the overheated market rally in 2018, crypto pioneers have focused on the potential of a new era of decentralised finance (called “DeFi”). Defi refers to the ecosystem of financial applications that are being developed on top of blockchain systems. The total value of locked up tokens via DeFi platforms have surpassed over 8 billion dollars (as of September 15, 2020).

Most of the DeFi platforms are currently in the areas of lending, trading, and yield farming right now. But the sector we're aiming for is long-term investment and savings, which is one of the most basic and fundamental areas. Despite the rapid increases in different types of saving/investing instruments, a general bank account still holds the biggest share of financial assets for families. ( is a decentralised and gamified long-term saving/investment asset enhancer. Following the value investment strategy, enables people to create a locked-up asset by smart contract and spread catalytic earnings for the asset holders. consists of the following sections:

  1. Long-term locked-up asset element: users can create an asset element that is locked-up in a smart contract with a set binding period.

  2. Breaching penalty fund: to enhance the long-term value investment, the users who break the smart contract within the binding period will be charged a 10% penalty fee. 7% of this penalty fund will be distributed to the asset element holders who have active WARREN locked-up assets, and 3% will go to the platform fees. Any of the assets that complete the lock-up period won’t be deducted any fees.

  3. WARREN governance token: WARREN is an ERC-20 token that represents the long-term saving strengths of each asset element holder on the platform. The WARREN token balance of each holder determines the amount of earnings to be earned from the breaching penalty fund. The more WARREN tokens you have, the more shares you can earn from the breaching penalty fund of other users. This also allows for the voting of additional asset pools to be listed on the platform.

Also, the 3% platform fee will be all converted to HUNT token and added to the quarterly fee-based token burning model.

The beta version of will be launched within the 4Q-2020, and we will open the HUNT long-term investment element and allocate the WARREN genesis mining pool. is in the prototype stage, and any of the plans/descriptions addressed in this article can be altered/cancelled due to unexpected circumstances.

HUNT Network -
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Wow! Steemhunt going DeFi, awesome