Story line 1. Nature

8개월 전

My name is azeem.
Today I am talking about nature. Its about green grass wich is look a beautiful ground. Grass spread beauty on earth insuch a way that mankind attraction goes on it.
You can look on this picture that is teken by my mobile phone camera from a lawn in Bahria Orchard 27th August 2020, when I was walking on it after leaving the college on leave time and I was tired. Iasked my friend Shakeel Ilahbadi to visit Bahria and spend some time in lawn and feel happiness.


Its look like an amazing attraction for visitors. Grass looks wonderfull when dewdrops fall on it at night time. I feel haooy to walk on it when dewdrops present on it at morning time. That gives us a pleasure time.


Hope you guys enjoying to read my blog. I will try my bests in my next blogs.

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thanks for the comliment