Review of the Hycon project

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 In today's world of electronic and mobile banking services money turns from something material, being in a hand, into digital numbers which move on the Internet. In this environment their continuation of existence in the form of cryptographic the protected lines of a digital code known as "cryptocurrencies" is natural to new forms of currency. This revolution in digital currency has begun in 2008 when still anonymous Satoshi of Nakamoto has published the document of Bitcoin.

Today new cryptoconversion are issued almost daily, dividing one uniting concept: the cornerstone technological architecture which is a blockchain.
The blockchain is the general public register of transactions which registers and supports this record of all transactions made in system - from genesis of the first block until now. The register - the blockchain defined above - is constructed with use of the connected list or a chain of blocks where each block contains a certain number of transactions which have been checked by network in a certain period.

Infinity Project will present the new cryptocurrency under the name HYCON intended for the solution of some problems which the existing technologies a blockchain face. The purposes of the Infinity project as HYCON to overcome the existing restrictions of blocking and technical characteristics of HYCON.



During formation of the Infinity project the following two key questions have been asked:

  • Considering the existing restrictions of the existing crypto installations what requirements and requirements of the market and what can be provided decisions?
  • What properties are necessary in order that the cryptocurrency has been widely accepted and integrated into wider economy?

Considering these questions, the careful analysis of the existing blocks - has been carried out including Bitcoin, Ethereum and a set of perspective Altcoins - to reveal strong and weaknesses of each project. However it was difficult to find the project which ideally corresponded to the initial questions raised above.

Therefore the Infinity Project team has begun to investigate new technologies and algorithms which were more suitable for mass introduction in the real world to help itself to achieve the objectives.

At the same time developments of a basic framework of the Infinity project have begun and it is formulated the following 5 main objectives:
1. To define the real needs of the market for cryptocurrency
2. To develop a kriptovalyutnost which is flexible
3. To create the blockchain focused on the user
4. To develop the ecosystem promoting steady innovations
5. To study methods of the decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies

 Distribution of coins. 

 In spite of the fact that recently many projects a blockchain have gained the main attention and recognition, the cryptocurrency hasn't got into digital trade on a global scale. More precisely, between the majority of cryptoprojects and realities of the real world there is a big gap. Acceptance of cryptocurrency is limited by very small group of online dealers and several other services now that makes impossible completely to rely on bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency available now as the actual digital currency of the choice. To help with overcoming these problems and to accelerate acceptance cases, it is useful to work together with experts in the field or community together with developers to stimulate development successful, favorable for currency market which in the best way serves all users. And this project approaches for this purpose. 

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