Bitpetite- The Bitcoin Tumblr That offers 147% Return on Investment (THIS IS HYIP)

3년 전

Hey Guys,

So I've recently found out about something called, did some research on whether it's legit and pays out and then invested!

So basically Bitpetite is a HYIP service like Bitconnect but it has a totally different system and pays out WAY faster.

Bitpetite's service offers users 147% of their investment back in 6 weeks, or 180% over 9 weeks.

Note-The service pays out hourly if you want to liquidate money every hour you can.

Here is my current investment a friend and I put in a few days ago.
If you look closely it says my total payout so far is 200 dollars and my next payout is 0.037 Litecoin which is in half an hour.

What I like about the platform is everything is clear and concise and made easy for you if you know what you're doing (cryptocurrencies in general).

So I'd suggest heavily to invest, This will soon be seen as Bitconnect's main rival and has thousands of new users daily.


HOLD UP* People are saying I can't advertise this HYIP or any HYIP including BItconnect without a "Disclaimer" sign telling readers that services like these are bound to collapse.

HYIPs are somewhat "Ponzi Schemes" due to them needing new investors money initially for the business to run. HYIP are said to be bound to fall apart eventually. Whether it's a week later or a month later, eventually many users will be left locked out of their balances.

People have been saying this about bit connect and bit petite since they started FYI ^ AND places like have advertised Bitpetite and invested large amounts of money proving that it's trustable right now. Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 10.39.20 AM.png

The reason I believe this possible "scheme" will work is because, in order to have a good tumblr service you need people investing new money constantly in order for it to be successful. Because of the process of mixing the btc or other currencies needs new money coming in to give to the people who want to use there Mixing service. Also mixers or tumblrs charge a fee for this service which will help the service sustain like Bitconnect's currency helps

**FYI I don't recommend investing anything you can't lose into an HYIP. This IS seen as a risky investment .
That means no rent or retirement funds!

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