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Hurray! I-rise network is now on discord, we are moving forward and this a sign of development join us on discord to join the very lively minnows who are ready to support each other and succeed.

hello steemians with the way our contest is been dropped we are trying to follow up our minnows, we are happy for the response we receive on last contest but we still want a lot of minnows to participate in this contest now that we have a high voting power, we are gradually getting to where we want to be, so we are asking people to support us by supporting this contest we can also support many minnows. Pls read the post and understand its rules before dropping an entry, remember everyone is a winner because you didn't win the last one doesn't mean you can't win the next one.

Last week winners:

1st prize goes to @donnest his wonderful contribution here
2nd prize goes to @steemcenturion check her contribution here
3rd prize is shared between two tied entries on votes.

@adeotdaniel won 0.5sbd
His entry
@donjay won 0.5sbd
His entry


  1. @michaeljerry0
  2. @lurvie-b
  3. @dante1

Steemians as part of the I_rise network mission of helping minnows grow and monitoring their growth as they move up the ladder, to commemorate our vision we are going to give out this contest to test the engagement of minnows i.e the extent to which they affect others and how far they have gone, this is also like a feedback to us to know which way we can help them.
We are also glad to announce that we have launched our discord channel and using our tag now guarantee you for a vote, we are doing this to take our service to cut across Continental boundaries we feel we should reach out to not just minnows in our geographical locations but international.

So we implore you all to watch out follow the development of our discord channels.

To enter the this week contest


  • You must resteem this post we need the extra views from other minnows.

  • You must vote this post

  • You must have follow this page

1st prize wins 3sbd
2nd prize wins 2sbd
3rd prize wins 1sbd

The contest is simple and straight


Make a post on your blog.

Must not be more than 250 words.

Submit as a comment under this post

Full markdowns style must be used and grammar check will be used to judge.

Word count at the end of the story must be stated.

I_rise network WhatsApp and Telegram group link and picture must be included at the end of your story.

Lastly our tag #i_rise must be included in your tags and topic.


  1. @olusolaemmanuel
  2. @desmonddesk

This is going to be a regular contest on this blog, so always make it here every week.

The price pool will increase as we grow in numbers goodluck.


@OLAMAXEXCHANGER(Nigeria's biggest SBD/STEEM to naira exchange)
WhatsApp: https://chat.whatsaz)

All the above rules will be used by the judges to consider who wins, so pls lets do these steemians. Cheers..

To sponsor this contest as a help to minnows send donations directly to @olamax, then we feature your username on our blog weekly. Thanks.

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I'm so glad to be part of this great opportunity given to the minnows just like me. I never regret in having #I_rise network, and been a member of the great community. Thank you!

Here is my entry for this week contest

Thanks once again for this opportunity given to minnows like me, it's indeed a rare privilege. However, here's my entry to this week's contest. I hope it will tickle your fancy... Cheers!

Nice one. I RISE NETWORK has made steemit more interesting to me since I join. For the fact that I didn't win last contest doesn't mean I won't win the next one after all my name showed in honorable metions😊😊
Thanks guys

Congratulations to those who are the winner of this contest. To the organizer and supporters good work done

Thank you irise_network...i received my price

God bless you

Thank you irise-network for the opportunity. I've received my prize. The good work you guys are doing for minnows is so priceless. Keep up the good work. God bless you guys

thank you so much guys, i received my prize and am so grateful to you guys for putting up this contests to help minnows grow

Mehn. The rules are soooooo much and exhausting.
Gods speed. 👍

What is the winning of contest based on
Is it based on sbd or votes gained or comment in these post
Or the post it self on our blog according to vote or sbd