IAGON ICO Reviews #1 – Offering Solutions for High Priced and Complex Storage and Computation Facilities

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The need of storage and computation facilities is increasing and it will continue to rise exponentially in the near future. The reason for this is the emerging of two current trends in business and computing sectors. They are the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). IAGON sees this phenomenon as an opportunity to be a leader in data storage and processing tasks.

Current Problems

The demand of larger storage capacities and better computational processing capabilities for corporations and companies is growing steadily. Until today, Google Cloud, IBM, Microsoft, and AWS have still been the major players that dominate the market. However, they all use central storage and computation facilities that are less trusted. There are problems caused by the oligopolistic dominance of those four main provides. It indeed results in expensive pricing levels. People have no other choices, though. They have large operations as well as big investments in data centres and servers. This what makes new providers cannot enter the market to compete with them.

At the same time, the demand for storage and computational processing capabilities is always increasing because of the emerging of AI and Big Data. Big Data is the collection of huge amounts of data gained from social networks, IT systems, and other external sources. The second trend is Artificial Intelligence. AI works by learning from data on previous operations to analyze business patterns and predict its future. Data processing using AI needs vast amounts of computations and take a lot of space and power of GPU and CPU process.

IAGON Vision and Mission

Considering the aforementioned problems, IAGON tries to provide solutions and these solutions are reflected from its vision and mission. IAGON is a platform that is built on a decentralized blockchain and uses some smart devices to store big data files and repositories. It can simplify complicated computational processes like those of machine learning and AI operations. Besides, IAGON is a kind of safe and encrypted platform integrating AI, cryptographic, and tangle grid that can be accessed in an easy way. IAGON is focusing on providing an Artificial Intelligent-based platform and Decentralized Cloud Computing services.

In developing the platform, IAGON team uses advanced technologies such as distributed and decentralized system, big data, AI, and of course, blockchain technology. Anyone who joins the platform can benefit from the massive processing grid.

In short, the vision of IAGON is to provide a completely automated platform that serves users with storage and processing tasks empowered by leading technology. This is carried out with lower pricing levels and less complicated way.

Target Market

Who is the target market of IAGON? The targets are divided into two parts. The first one is the user market which mainly consists of public institutions and SMEs. Basically, any businesses which need big secure storage and processing capacities can be the target market of IAGON. The platform will provide numerous services for the users that include cloud computing services, batch processing, database services, data analytics, and many others. All of them are performed and proceeded with a high level of security.

The second is miner market. The core miner market consists of data centres which actually do not completely use their server capacities and storage yet they dedicate some parts of them to produce extra profits in IAGON’s grids. Later in the operation, there will be 10% transaction fee charged for users who use the miner’s storage and processing capacities.

Features of IAGON Services

In providing the solutions, IAGON keeps developing the features and improving the services within the platform. For example, it guarantees 100% security for any storage and processing. This full protection will prevent any hackers to get access to the encrypted data. Moreover, the storage grid can be accessed anytime 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, the decentralized blockchain grid enables the platform to harness the processing power and storage capacities. Overall the platform is efficient, secure, and reliable as it combines blockchain, neural networks, and AI algorithms.

Those features are developed by a team of IAGON. The team has also set a roadmap that consists of the project plans for the future. You will get to know further about the team and the project roadmap in the next article.



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