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One might ask, do gaming or the game Industry really worth it? The answer is YES.

Gaming has succeeded in giving individuals or interested parties a way to derive happiness. To back this up, let's have a look at what Ryan Anderson has to say.
According to Ryan Anderson, gaming offers the following to humans;
i. Gaming makes you understand that you can still succeed if though you have failed many times,
ii. Computer games increase individuals problem-solving skills,
iii. Gaming keeps one's mind sharp and gamers have proven to be better at visual tasks,
iv. Gaming increases human's processing speed as well as giving gamers better memories,
v. By playing computer games, the human's ability to multitask increases. More info

This is to back up the first question and to show how important games or gaming is in this current era.

Also, on the other hand, games can generate quite an awesome return for game developers, as the global gaming market is worth over $116 billion (last year).
Gaming is no longer meant for kids alone, as a study has shown that even old and young plays games either with their smartphones, PCs, console etc.
Owing to the lucrative nature as well as the potential associated with the gaming Industry, there is great need to enhance the current gaming systems, that is to say, there are problems which needs to be solved.
It has been found out that the nature of the current gaming platforms and upon all its growing market there are issues both players and game developers are faced with.

Game developers now concentrate on increasing costs evident in games rather than focusing on fun aspects of gaming. This was as a result of the idea of rivalry or competition apparent in the current gaming industry, thus reducing the lifespan of games while commission fee and marketing fee is increased.

Then again, players are continually stressed thus prompting the lessening of the game's entertainment value. This also gives rise to the further reduction of game lifespan and vicious cycle. In the same vein, players who have no content or game to play are left with no choice than leaving the game at the same time accumulating losses as a result of monetary and time investments.

Taking a look at these problems faced by both players and game developers, at the same time the significance game offers to individuals as stated by Ryan Anderson, one will clearly understand that there is need to rusticate and enhance the current gaming Industry. Thus, the need for a platform known as GameXCoin.


  1. GXC is a gaming platform leveraging blockchain technology in this manner building an ecosystem where game engineers or developers and players can productively partake, exchange values and as such co-existing together.

  2. GXC solves the issues in the gaming industry by improving its ecosystem in order to easily associate game developers, players and games through blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is exceptionally important to the GXC ecosystem as it removes the middlemen in the form of payment gateway thus enabling GXC platform to cut off unnecessary costs both for players and game developers.
    Blockchain also decentralizes GXC ecosystem in this way protecting the value of in-game assets.

  3. The GXC token is used for the exchange of value between players and game developers, thus leading to more growth in the ecosystem.

  4. With GXC leveraging blockchain technology, there will be trust between players and game developers, which results in a beneficial gaming ecosystem.

  5. GXC ecosystem depends on blockchain subsequently having its own digital currency known as GXC coin. This coin empowers game developers to issue a token in respect to his game and with smart contracts, all agreement between the developer and player is stamped.

  6. Players within GXC ecosystem can use their earned token to buy in-game assets and with GXC DEX (Decentralized Exchange) they will be able to exchange a game token with another.


The team behind GXC aims to create a gaming platform where various players spread in numerous games can be drawn to its ecosystem. The GXC ecosystem will be structured in a way that as more game developers and players are drawn to its ecosystem, the more valued will the ecosystem be.
GXC is the token of the platform which can be utilized for purchasing and can likewise be exchanged for different tokens. Players are free to purchase GXC token from cryptocurrency exchanges and with the help of GXC DEX they can bring the purchased token into the ecosystem.


Telegram Group: https://t.me/GXC_EN

GXC Website: https://www.gamexcoin.io/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gxc.world

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GXC_Official

Medium: https://medium.com/game-x-coin

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